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Friday, July 08, 2011

Congrats to our Royal Malaysian Police for shooting the hostage taker!

How many of us have bothered to congratulate and thank the Royal Malaysian Police for successfully rescuing and saving the lives of 30 kindergarten children and 4 teachers yesterday at Serikids Kindergarten, Taman Cemerlang, Sungai Abong, Muar, Johor?

How many have actually expressed their gratitude to our policemen who risked grievous harm to their own selfs when they confronted an enraged 40 year old Lau Hui Chung who was armed with a machete and a hammer?

In fact two police officers were injured during the rescue attempt when they were attacked by the deranged drug addict with a fire extinguisher apart from the parang he was wielding and a hammer plus a staple gun!

I believe that the police were justified in shooting the man down with just a single head shot! 

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That shows how our men in blue are highly trained professional law enforcers just as any world class law officers are in the whole wide world?

Imagine the brouhaha and worldwide condemnation upon our policemen if any of the children or teachers were killed by the drug addict?

The Opposition and their diehard NGO supporters would have gone to town lambasting the PDRM with all kinds of insults, law suits and demonstrations!

Do you see any of the above thanking our police for a job well done?


Nah! They are busy preparing to wreak havoc in KL tomorrow despite being warned not to do so!

I for one wish to say to all our Royal Malaysian policemen and women that we thank you for saving all those innocent children and their teachers!

Terimakasih tuan tuan dan puan puan! Anda semua wira negara!!!

Selamat bertugas!!!