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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mahaguru58 with the FRU ~ Federal Reserve 5 Bravo Unit from Ipoh

After cycling through the city streets and shooting my video message right there at the Dataran Merdeka @ Merdeka Square, I rode up to the FRU troops who were stationed all around the area.

I greeted them and asked as to whether they would like to share with me as to their experience with regard to the protests?

They sportingly obliged and each gave me an account of what was going on?

They were members of the 5 Bravo Unit of the Federal Reserve Unit (Royal Malaysian Police) whose base station was in Ipoh, State of Perak here in Peninsular Malaysia.

They had been here in KL since last week in preparation for the lockdown of the central areas of the nation's capital city to prevent looting and anarchy which would accompany any peaceful protests that might turn nasty.

Being there in the streets night and day in full riot gear is not something one likes for the sweltering heat, sweat and overall inconvenience would get to them but its part and parcel of their job as law enforcement officers.

If not for their presence and law enforcement, KL would have ended up like any other city in the world where lawlessness and anarchy have run riot!
My photo with them when I fist approached the FRU officers for a photo session
You can't control a large crowd of deranged folks with mere advice and cajoling. At times the stick has to be wielded to keep the peace.

These guys do what they need to in order that we get to live our lives as we wish?

Yet the Royal Malaysian Police are often demonized by the rabblerousers's false prophets especially those from PAS, PKR and the DAP! 
Just look at the picture above showing how the illegal protesters are being treated to a buffet meal by the men in blue during their few hours of detention!
This is all that the FRU and other Royal Malaysian Police officers are fed with during their tour of duty! A simple meal packed in styrofoam. Illegal protesters get fed buffet style while on duty officers eat a meagre ration! 

How unfair! How cruel!!! Criminals get fed buffet meals and treated like guests!

Look at the photo below where the detainees are shaking hands with the police after being released from detention for just a couple of hours and treated with a buffet meal and given medical treatment!

Still saying that our Royal Malaysian Police are cruel? Those claiming so must surely be brain dead! Nincompoops! 
Photo source
Let all Malaysians think wisely, act rationally before losing what we now have?

Peace to all.

* Coming after this BERSIH 2.0 THE MOVIE! Shows the protest scenario at the area leading towards Stadium Merdeka. Interesting mix of Malaysians.