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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tesco - Home Plus Subway Virtual Store - Shopping the Online Way

I think this is a great idea for shopping online and having our groceries delivered to our doorstep without having to trouble ourselves driving to the supermarket. 

Facing problems in looking for a parking space. Having to choose squeaky and rickety shopping carts. 

Having to lug all those groceries back home.

Scanning the barcode of any of the groceries we desire, paying for it through online payment systems or maybe deduct the costs through our debit cards would save a lot of trouble and hassles.

Would our local hypermarts rise up to the occasion and provide us with such an excellent service?

I don't know. One thing though is the standard of delivering only quality goods that have not expired, gone stale or damaged.

Knowing the local Malaysian Tidak Apa Attitude, I have my doubts but its nice to be able to dream that such a service might catch up here in Bolehland?