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Thursday, August 18, 2011

American Mass Murder Policy in Iraq ~ A US Soldier Confesses on Video

Sometimes it suffices to just publish the proof and show the world as to what American policy actually is when they occupy Middle Eastern countries that once used to be sovereign nations! All because of OIL!!! Not Operation Iraqi Liberation!

They are there just to plunder Iraqi oil! All due to their insatiable greed!

(Former) US President George Bush Jr started the massacre. President Barack Hussein Obama Jr continues the massacre of innocent Iraqis to this day!

So much for America's liberating the Iraqis from dictatorship! They are currently liberating the Iraqis from life!

There's no country on earth safe from these mass murderers.

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amoi said...

malaysiakini, malasaia tak bising ka.. mereka selalu mengatakan Amerika adil..terlus...kenapa meka diam....Suhakam..pun tak Kondem..tindakan mereka tu...anesty mana