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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blazing Cowheads ~ Secret behind KL Africans Dietary Peculiarities

I have always wondered as to who really buys the cow heads being torched by the Chow Kit Wet Market Indonesian traders at the numerous beef stalls over there in the heart of Old KL?

I was there recently doing our groceries and foodstuff marketing. I asked the man torching the cow head as to who buys such stuff?

He answered 'Negroes'!

I asked him further as to what do the Africans do with the cow head?

He said that they cook the cow head in a soup. That was the first time I ever learned that the cow heads were actually being cooked and consumed in a soup! No wonder that the Africans are so strong and built tough!

It must be true after all that you are what you eat?

Imagine eating cow head soup? Add to that, the leathery sinewy cow hides I saw being sold together with such by products from slaughtered cattle. I don't think Malaysians consume such parts. Even during the Aidil Adha sacrifices, such parts are usually buried together with the entrails and unconsumables of the slaughtered cattle here.

So, it was sort of an eye opener to learn that the Africans living here in KL are the main customers of such beef stalls and that they consume cow heads, cowhides and even the hoofs of slaughtered cattle! Nothing goes to waste.

I can now understand why the Africans are so muscular and built tough? They eat such beef parts that add to their awesome inner strength and stamina. 

Even their women look tough! They can just pick us up and slam us to the floor like pro wrestlers, I believe? May Allah Forbid! :P

Truly Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala in His All Encompassing Wisdom has created mankind in various tribes and ethnicity and given them their individual traits and specialties in order to equip them with such attributes as to be able to live and survive according to their localities.

The tough African climate, jungles and deserts require its inhabitants to be able to withstand the extremes of its climates and challenges. Thus the dietary habits of the African people need to match the needs of their physical self's to cope with what comes their way throughout their life's?

In a way, the presence of these Africans here in KL provides the beef traders a steady stream of customers and they get to make money from selling such cow heads, cow hides and hoofs.

If not for them, who would want to buy such stuff?

By the way, I found the following video showing how to cook beef African style?

I am grateful to have learned about this matter and am curious to learn more about our brothers and sisters from the African continent who are now part of our ever changing Malaysian populace.

I have a long list of migrant population to choose from? We have various ethnic Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Burmese, Nepalis, India's Indians, Uzbekistanis, Pakistanis, Iranians, here in our country.

Life here in Malaysia is surely getting pretty interesting, isn't it?

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Mohamed Firdaus Shajahan said...

lain tempat,lain caranya...saya kat University...lihat Arab's suka makan daging dan roti...dan masakan somalia,nampak macam briyani..tapi tidak ada rasa pedas,rasa tomato pula...