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Thursday, August 11, 2011

British Society's Social Breakdown ~ Their folly in mishandling 'freedom'.

UK goes to war in Afghanistan but gets its cities burnt and looted by its own scum!!! That's what most people are opinionating but don't get to send their message across to those who are supposed to be the British Government!

Its bloody preposterous for the British Army to be wasting its precious resources abroad and fighting Afghanistan Taliban guerillas whilst its own nation is being destroyed by its own scum in the form of hooligans and thugs looting, running riot and wreaking havoc all over London, Croydon, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, etc!

I watched British PM David Cameron promise his fellow Parliamentarians that his government will not allow the hooliganism, looting and arson running riot go unpunished!

Easier said than done when Britain has been giving too much face and leeway to all those who had been wreaking havoc in their freedom this and freedom that so called bastion of free speech and human rights!

If you watch these videos, you'd feel sorry for the British Police who are ill equipped and do not have the numbers to face the marauding looters and scum ganging up on them!

Its sickening to see the British Police back pedal and retreat rather than teach all those criminals a lesson they'd never forget!

When the police aren't being backed by their government with the necessary logistics and numbers, then the inevitable just took place as we can all see through these videos and many, many others that goes on to show that to keep the peace, the peacekeepers need to be strong and mighty!

Britain needs to follow the example of our Royal Malaysian Police who are much more experienced in handling troublemakers and saved our nation's capital from suffering what the British are now going through?

 Asyraf Hafiz has become a symbol of how peaceloving people can just end up being victims of rioters, looters and thieves left free to rob, assault, murder as they please?

His parents are being sponsored by MARA to travel from KL to visit him in London tomorrow. May they have a safe trip and be able to give him the emotional support he needs so much at this unfortunate moment in his life.



amoi said...

where is pakatan NGO...that Boy fm Selangor..Negeri Kebajikan...Malaysiakini dia aja..Haprakdaily pun diam bisu.. tak ckp apa...meka kata Polis london mesra...dulu cakap Polis Thailand mesra..tak ganggu perhimpuanan yg mka buat...akhirnya byk yg mampus kena m16..sabar ada had brother...king jubur aja tak sabar nak jadi PM ( Pi Mampus)

Mohamed Firdaus Shajahan said...

itu semua tirutte pasanga !!!
all are taking oppurtunities during riot.Look at the riot video.I see that almost of them expert in stealing things....