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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Chow Kit Singing Sensation ~ Bei Kim Hwa, Fishmonger, Stall 190 !

Chow Kit's Got Talent!!! 

I came across Fishmonger Bei Kim Hwa at Stall No.190, Chow Kit Wet Market, KL as he was happily singing a song and also whistling as he went about doing his business.

I sensed a photo / video op and immediately whipped out my Nikon S620 digital camera and started recording his impromptu performance.

Mr. Bei Kim Hwa sportingly sang the song above for me when I asked him to perform for the camera and his fellow fishmongers encouraged him further!

He said that he usually sang karaoke and this particular song was from one of the VCD's he listened to.

He has a nice soothing voice and I enjoyed listening to and watching him sing. If you happen to visit the Chow Kit Wet Market and come across him at Stall No.190, tell him that he's on You Tube and show him your support!

Chow Kit's Got Talent! The Singing Sensation, Bei Kim Hwa!