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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Pasar Pudu Revisited ~ A Mahaguru58 Photoshoot

Jalan Pasar Pudu in Kuala Lumpur is what Lorong Kulit besides the City Stadium is for Penangites.

This is where one can find all kinds of things on sale from the latest gadgets to Made in China Electronic Items to the latest gizmos on the market.

The characters selling these products hail from all walks of life. You can find Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Thais, Burmese, Nepalis, Bangladeshis and all kinds of other nationalities peddling their stuff here. 

Pasar Pudu is notorious for counterfeit products but you can also find a wet market operating besides it selling all kinds of vegetables, seafood, Chinese food, live poultry and fishes all grouped together in a heaving, thriving mass of fishmongers, livestock traders and butchers all plying their goods and products resulting in a cacophony of various traders calling out to their customers all at the same time!

The din can be quite a racket at times but that's just the way wet markets in Malaysia operate. You have to get used to the sights and smells too! Can be quite challenging to unfamiliar nostrils, I tell you! :P Those who are squeamish better stay away. Visiting a Chinese wet market is not for those who are weak in heart! Hehehehe...

Back to the Pasar Pudu Street market, you can find all kinds of goods such as Made in China loudspeakers, DVD players, Hi Fi systems, Karaoke sets, latest telecommunication gadgets and gizmos, fake Viagra tablets, all kinds of hardware tools and equipments, counterfeit watches, handphones, the latest aphrodisiacs, Buddhist monks (bogus and originals) plying their amulets and charms to gullible ones seeking to protect themselves from the evil eyes and demons, remote control helicopters and cars, all kinds of bags, backpacks, carry alls, shoes, sandals, slippers, t-shirts, semi precious stones and antiques (both original and reproductions) plus a thousand and one things that we can never guess what they will put up for sale there next?

Along the rows of shops selling all kinds of auto accessories, latest led torchlights and even male enhancement products, you can find all types of pet fish and other creatures being put up for sale. Pasar Pudu is just a crazy place where everything and anything might be on sale.

Enjoy the photos.

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