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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pure Hearts ~ Meeting Rayyan and Afiq at Metrojaya MidValley Megamall

Among the many pleasures that I have come to cherish in my life is the golden opportunity to be with those who are pure in heart. These are the young innocent children who are born into this world free of sin and likened to be as a blank piece of paper. 

We too were as they are. Although our own individual personal journeys through this earthly life is surely changed now due to our own slips and errors or successes in reformatting ourselves according to our efforts or circumstances.

In the photo above, is Rayyan. A handsome, cute looking little fellow Muslim whom I met  at the Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall during our Raya shopping trip yesterday.

He came to me eagerly when I stretched out my hands to lift him and was a brave little boy who didn't shy away from this old man. I'm a huge fan of babies. :)
Here is Rayyan looking at my beard which is now growing back after a barber at Taman Tenaga misunderstood my instructions to him to give my beard just a little trim. 

As I was between LaLaLand ready to snooze off after being given a haircut, the barber simply mowed down my signature beard with his electric trimmer and unwittingly put me into a situation. I was between wanting to give him a piece of my mind and trying my best to remain calm for I was fasting. 

Furthermore, the damage was already done and no amount of throwing a tantrum was gonna reverse the situation. I placated myself that it will grow back and it is. :P
Rayyan was a bit apprehensive to touch my beard which had caught his attention from the moment I picked him up and I had to coax him to be brave and touch the bristling beard of Tok Mamu..Hehehehehe
He was a brave little handsome boy and a real pleasure to be with. May Allah bless Rayyan and his family. May he grow up to be a successful Muslim and be of benefit to our ummah. Amin.
I don't know the name of this friendly Metrojaya store employee. She wanted to give Tok Mamu a free festive balloon which I politely refused for it would definitely be weird to have an elderly chap like me going around the mall with a balloon! :P She willingly posed for me to shoot the above photo. :)
Her colleague however was camera shy and he hid behind this bunch of balloons! Hehehehe...
Afiq, another pure hearted Muslim child whom I met, captured here in this shot, reeling away ticklish after being kissed on his cheeks by Tok Mamu and as a reaction after coming into contact with my bristling beard! Hahahaha...
Here is Afiq, checking out my beard which had so tickled him. He was a bit more braver than Rayyan and without any prompting, reached out and got a feel of my bristly beard.
Kids are often curious about my beard. The minute they are close to it, they will reach out and investigate it. It has happened too many times before and will definitely happen again if I get a chance to be in the company of the pure hearts again in the future, Insya Allah!
Afiq, the brave little pure heart Muslim. May Allah bless his pure soul and shower upon him the best of this earthly life and in the next. Ameen Ya Rabb, Ya Rahman!
Afiq's shy elder sister.
Kids nowadays are just so smart. Here is Afiq looking straight at the camera. My darling wife was taking these photos.

Ya Allah! Please protect these little pure hearts whom You have created. Give them Thy Baraqah and prolong their life's and guard them against the evil from a portion amongst Mankind, the Djinns and Syaitan.



Supar Yop said...

Tok Mamu,

You punya entree lately very educational ( like that cow head feast for the negros) and touching like these kids touching your beard.Bila tengok gambar ni, saya teringat kan anak lelaki saya yg umor 15 tahun skrg, once when he was two years old, my distant uncle just grab him and put him on his hips.He didnt shreik like any babies when hold by strangers, but straight away stretched his hand and fondle with my uncle's beard! I thought at that time , he was very brave..!
The other slot is the Malaysian Baru song by Allahyarham Aziz Jaafar - that song came out in 1963 ( also the year I was born),freshly captured the year Malaysia was born!Even though lagu dia rock sikit, it really doesnt matter, there are still patriotic elements in it which I find it hardly appear in the present songs.Betul lah bila dah lama merdeka, generasi muda skrg dah lupa how it started - the road to merdeka.. instead they got influenced by negative elements sampai nak angkat Chin Peng jadi perjuang kemerdekaan..I think we should send them to the past to appreciate the fight for merdeka..

MAHAGURU58 said...

Life for us today here in Malaysia is very closely attached to what our forefathers struggled so hard to achieve in an era when they had so little as far as materialistic gains are concerned.

Yet in their situation of lacking in material wealth, transportation or communication infrastructures, they had a sense of belonging to this land that is seriously lacking in most modern Malaysians.

I'm a product of the old school who grew up schooled in a post colonial education system.

I cherish our forefathers set of values that are based upon the Sunnah of the Blessed Final Messenger of Allah and traditional code of honor and decency.

Young Malaysians ought to have these same values instilled in them in order to continue our country's rich heritage of being a civilized people.

We can have the best of both worlds. Scientifically and technologically advanced and up to date with all the latest there is in an everchanging world but also having the best values and sense of goodness that transcends the variety of our multi ethnicity, difference in languages and customs or our our various faiths.

Human kindness ought to be kept alive and be put to practice in our daily lives.

We must never be lackadaisical as far as making the most of our remaining timeframe and cherish those whom we meet and have in our life.

Insya Allah. :)