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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hudud ~ MCA and GERAKAN's threat to leave BN shows their true colors

Everytime PAS raises the Hudud issue, it has been proven time and times again that the most obvious 'knee jerk' reactions from the Barisan Nasional @ National Front apart from UMNO's leaders will be those coming from the MCA @ Malaysian Chinese Association and GERAKAN!

Chua Soi Lek, MCA President
I can understand such adverse reactions coming from these 2 BN coalition parties if such Hudud Syariah Laws would be used to regulate the lives of Non Muslims here in Malaysia and thus scare the shit out of people like Chua Soi Lek, the MCA President who was caught on tape committing adultery and to which he confessed and resigned from all his governmental posts which he held at that time!

Reason being that according to Hudud Laws and those of Christianity as well, the punishment for adultery is nothing less than being stoned to death! Capital punishment. 

Present watered down laws in the so called 'syariah laws of Malaysia' are nothing but mere fines not more than just RM3000!

Funny thing is that even the hapless sorry excuse for a political 'leader' such as GERAKAN's President in the form of Koh Tsu Koon would want to join Soi Lek in protesting against the proposal by PAS to implement Islamic Syariah Hudud Laws first in the PAS ruled State of Kelantan where the majority of the Kelantanese are made up of Muslim Malays?
Koh Tsu Koon, GERAKAN President
Why be so alarmed?

The Hudud Laws are not going to be applied on the Non Muslim population. 

Only those who run foul of the laws whether Civil or Syariah will be having the chills and a severe case of their shrunken gonads, so to speak in fear of the repercussions coming from their infringement of the existing rules and regulations of ours and any other civilized country on Earth!

Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing
It is heartening to note that even Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia has no objection against the implementation of Hudud Laws here in Malaysia when it will only be applied and used to rule over the lives of Malaysian Muslims.

Why then should the MCA and GERAKAN be squealing in protest against the call to uphold and implement Islamic Syariah Hudud Laws in our nation and threatening to quit the BN?

Its not like these two Chinese political parties are still enjoying solid support from their community here in Malaysia as shown by their poor results in the 12th Malaysian General Elections!

Even PAS on its own did better than the MCA + GERAKAN in the 12th Malaysian GE as shown above.

GERAKAN's President Koh Tsu Koon lost in the elections. He has been made a minister in the PM's Department by being made a senator to qualify his still being there in the Malaysian Federal BN Government. 

Some label him as a 'back door entry' minister. He is also the main one responsible for losing the Penang BN State Government to the DAP and for also causing the ecological destruction of the Jelutong foreshore of Penang, my home island.

Chua Soi Lek is reeking of an immoral past and has no moral grounds to preach to the masses. If he isn't who he is, then one can just conclude that he is raising his protest based on his own ignorance about the need for God's Laws to be implemented here in our country.

The reality is that these two fellows are there just because their party members screwed up in their party elections and put them up there as presidents of both atrophic race based political parties which no longer enjoy strong support in the Malaysian General Elections.

Compared to these two, the Catholic Bishop President Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing has more credibility and grounds to speak about the Hudud Laws issue.

I have always believed that all those who really truly love to live in a country where God's Laws prevail and want to see true justice upheld as in the times of the Blessed Prophet will come out in strong support of the Hudud Laws.

Those who oppose or dilly dally in approving such legislation's that come from the Almighty Lord of us all 'have skeletons in their closet' and are afraid of the implications of such laws because they aren't exactly squeaky clean!

Crooks of a feather hence flock together.

At the end of the day, we still have conflict and voices of dissension amongst the Opposition as aptly depicted in the cartoon below :
PAS did a big mistake when they changed their course recently from pursuing an agenda of setting up an Islamic State here in Malaysia by kowtowing to Karpal Singh's challenge for anyone who so wishes to do so to cross his dead body ~ which might be not that long soon - the man's already 71..

Yet, let's not forget how even those who are supposed to be the leaders of UMNO expose their own ignorance or misunderstandings about the true purposes for the implementation of Almighty Allah's Syariah Hudud Laws :

I will follow up with why we need to implement the Syariah Laws of Allah the Almighty in view of the rising crime here in Malaysia after this.

Insya Allah!


KANG LATEP said...

biarkan saja mereka keluar..usah tahan.tahan..nothing to loose

senyap said...

"Cholek dan Suukun"kan dan besar...
dah SUNAT belum?..belum sunat pi main jauh-jauh yea..KULUP lagi..

Jgn kacau ORANG TUA nak buat kerja..takut-takut nanti kena PENAMPAR!
Pandai-pandai jaga MULUT yea..
takut nanti orang kata MAK BAPAK kome terlebih ajar...paling berlapik pun KURANG AJAR!

Kesian KULUP...kesian...

Living Seed said...

Dr Mashitah ni apa isunya..saya tengok apa yg beliau cakap tu ok ja...drp segi tafsiran dia rasanya tak da yg salah pon..Cuma Hudud tu perlu dilaksanakan, tapi bertujuan untuk mendidik , bukan menghukum!!
kalau baut hudud, just untuk menghuum, jadi mcm mesir dgn arab saudi la..pencuri ada ja, tp dok jahta serupa tu juga!!

Living Seed said...

UMR - Utamakan Dakwah Akidah Dakwah Tauhid