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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Naqsyabandi Sufi Muslims get unimaginable support from local Americans

In these End Times, its unusual to see Muslims in America especially those who belong to the Naqsyabandi Sufi Tariqah, with the unique turbans and religious garb, get support from local Americans who have rallied behind them in fighting off religious bias and discrimination from a local town supervisor @ Bob McCarthy, who protests the Muslims setting up of their own private cemetery at their Haqqani Center ranch and farm.

The Naqsyabandi Haqqani Center is located at 1663, Wheat Hill Road, Sidney Center, (upstate) New York 13839, USA.

The local Americans in this small town of Sidney banded together and fought off the attempts by Bob McCarthy to have the two graves of departed members of the Naqsyabandi group be exhumed.

As a fellow Muslim and perpetual seeker of Allah the Almighty's Endless Mercies, I feel so much relief knowing that in the said to be still Islamophobic America, there are still many of those who are tolerant and basically down to earth good fellow Children of Adam Alaihis Salam who possess good judgment and universal humanitarian values which we all cherish and hold close to our hearts.