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Monday, November 28, 2011

Makkah al Mukarramah today ~ What would the Prophet say?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

It was not something that one would expect to see and witness during one's first ever Hajj?

To see a city that was the first ever abode of our Father Adam Alaihis Salam in the real sense after being commanded to leave Paradise and land down on Serendib ~ present day Sri Lanka, be reduced to being a litter strewn teeming city full of 3rd world litterbugs during the Hajj season which just ended!

Makkah al Mukarramah, the holiest spot on earth was practically overrun by Haj pilgrims - 3 to 4 million of them who despite being termed as Haji's and Hajjah's reduced the revered holy city to be literally swamped with all kinds of trash and filth especially along the roads leading to and fro Al-Moaissem, the tent city of Mina during the stoning at the Jamrats.

I don't blame the Saudis. They have spent billions of their riyals in building the infrastructures meant to cater for the needs of the pilgrims but sadly such pilgrims especially those coming from the Indian sub-continent, Bangladesh and Pakistan were those whom I saw really being responsible for such ecological disasters taking place all along the routes to Mina and the innercity areas of Makkah!

Tempers raged as a result of the indiscriminate dumping of trash by all those irresponsible Haj pilgrims and they practically caused a stench to envelop all those areas through which I and millions of others had to practically pinch shut our nostrils and walk through the litter filled routes to fulfill our Haj obligations and rituals.

I am not just saying these. I have photographic evidence of the littering done by the trash throwing hordes who didn't have a concern at all about the holy lands which they were desecrating?

I wonder what would the Prophet say to all these trash throwers if he was alive amongst us today?

They simply throw the food containers on to the street after eating out of them! No effort at all to throw the boxes into a garbage container or bin?

 No one seems bothered to do anything about the trash that they kick about when walking through the trash littered streets of Makkah?

At least one pilgrim feels like me to pinch his nostrils in order not to have to sniff in the stench emanating from the trash littered streets of the holy city!
This is not something that we ought to allow to persevere and happen year in year out at what is supposed to be the holiest city on Earth for us who claim to be Muslims ?

What would the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and his Companions say to all those who are fouling up their sacred city which they built up with their holy blood, sweat and tears?

What kind of Muslims are these litterbugs who rotten up the streets of Makkah al Mukarramah, year after year and yet return home to their countries as Haji's and Hajjah's despite fouling up the most sacred city on Earth during their Haj?

What aqeedah do these litterbugs possess or profess after fouling up Makkah al Mukarramah during their month long stay here?

I even saw a few of these Indian Muslims from Uttar Pradesh, India throw rubbish and spit at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah as we were queuing up behind them at Gate 4 pending our respective flights back home on Sunday the 20th of November, 2011!

In fact I reprimanded one of the litterbugs as he was spitting out something after munching what seemed to be like pistachio nuts on to the polished granite walkway of the airport!

Talk about unappreciative folks who know not that this here is an international airport not their village sidewalk back in Uttar Pradesh, India!!!

All I can say is that I was utterly disgusted with the ways of those uncouth folks who were the root cause of the piled up rubbish and trash during the Haj!

I propose that the Saudi Arabian authorities start imposing an on the spot fining of these litterbugs and give them no quarter as far as charging them litterbugs during the Hajj!

An on the spot charge of at least 50 Saudi Riyals should start inducing in them a fear of being summoned and hit them where it really hurts ~ their wallets and force them to clean up right there and then!

That is if we really wanna see a change in the attitude of all those litterbugs coming from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh?

Not to say that others don't litter up the city but from my observations, it is mainly from these 3 Asean countries that the majority of the trash throwers hail from?

Caught in the act of disposing rubbish indiscriminately!

What else need I say?

O thou pilgrims of the world!

When you pollute the streets of Makkah al Mukarramah, do you even bother to think what the Blessed Prophet of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam would think of you desecrating his holy city?

You rush to grab the reward of getting a 100,000 blessings in your account by offering a solat there in the Masjidilharam but you fail to observe the same diligence in taking care not to pollute the sacred city?

You create mountains of trash in and about Makkah whilst at the same time endeavor to purify yourself from the mountains of sin within your own self centered self!

Where is your conscience O Haj and Hajjah?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scamming in the name of Islam ~ Umrah Scammers Exposed!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

I thought I'd seen it all? That scammers and fly by night MLM'ers have covered just about everything there is under the sun. You know the phrase that a sucker is born every minute? Well, now them suckers are getting milked out of their hard earned cash by using the camouflage of faith.

Well, straight talking no punches pulled Aidid Mu'addib lets fly with his expose about the latest scammers using the pretext of organizing Umrah trips here.

His language may be of the coarse and harsh type but I guess Aidid must have run out of his patience with the MLM scammers for quite some time already?

I don't know whether he had fallen victim to some MLM'er thus drawing out the vigilante in him but we need people like Aidid to slap some sense into society!!!

Too many scammers and MLM'ers are taking too many gullible ones for a ride nowadays. I can understand if it is a business thingy based on some commercial enterprise or what but then using the Umrah trips to Makkah and Madinah as a front is simply too much and needs to be nipped in the bud so to speak!

What Aidid is exposing here is some serious stuff and JAKIM needs to investigate as to whether the Malaysian ummah are being scammed by all these mushrooming 'fly by night' Umrah organizers?

He has also exposed the Haji MLM scam here

What else will these shysters think of next?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

TM doesn't know how to apologize for its line interruption! 3 days out!

I returned from my Hajj on Sunday, the 20th of November, 2011 to find my home phone line down.

Without the home phone line working, I was forced to spend many hours at the nearby Q Bistro and spend unnecessarily on food & drinks in order to be able to access their wifi.

I lodged a report at the Pandan Indah TMpoint. There was no apologies but a promise to look into the matter within 72 hours. That's a 3 day time frame. I was told to leave my cellphone number with them so that their technician will be able to contact me when they arrive to check on my phone connection.

On Wednesday, I returned home to find the phone line working again. No calls from any TM technician or from their TMpoint centre.

What I'm peeved at is the way TM doesn't bother to say sorry or have the courtesy to apologize to us as its paying customers?

Its not like we are getting their slipshod service for free???

For all the millions TM spends on its marketing campaigns, they still do not know how to take care of their customers feelings, yet have the audacity to claim this and that in their tv ads such as the one above?

Saying SORRY doesn't need for one to know Rocket Science!

Learn to appreciate your customers lah Telekom Malaysia!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Datukship for Harimau Muda Malaysia Coach Ong Kim Swee!

"All I said was, they don't respect you, they don't respect our flag, they don't respect our King and they don't respect your parents," Kim Swee was quoted by the New Straits Times. 

"If you allow this to happen, then you are cowards. You must teach them what being Malaysian is all about."


Now, that's what a true blue patriotic national soccer coach is all about! 

Not like a pushover PM like Najib who gives support to an obnoxious attention seeking anti-national brat like the accursed Namewee who imagines himself to be our nation's next good thing by insulting our national anthem Negaraku by coming out with his filth!

Malaysia needs more good people like our coach 'Datuk' Ong Kim Swee to lead the nation!

If he would be willing to be in politics, I'm sure that he'll be a good leader for us all. A true 1Malaysian patriot!

The way he put it to our Young Tigers is the kind of leadership that a 5 star general says to his soldiers before stepping on to the battlefield.

Braving the horrendous insults of a 100,000 over mindless nincompoops over there at the Gelora Bung 'Sewel' Karno Stadium in neighbouring 'ingrates' Indonesial ...oops! ~ sia, what 'Datuk' Ong Kim Swee and our gallant Harimau Muda Malaya football heroes achieved is simply outstanding and ought to be rewarded by the Malaysian Government with a lifelong monthly pension and be given honorific titles for their success in proving to the Indonesians that we Malaysians are simply way above them when it comes to our standards as a sovereign nation.
A heartbroken Indon diehard fan weeping openly after his team lost! Sorry bro! Dream on....

Despite their insults and sarcasms against our nation, we have never stopped helping out the ingrates everytime they are hit with a natural disaster after another. 

We Malaysians have risen high above their petty mindedness and still offered those sickos our assistance when they were reeling under the onslaught of the 2004 Tsunami. 

Malaysians have kept assisting the demonically egoistic ingrates over the years despite being insulted, cursed at and at times being threatened with war by a people whom I can only conclude as to be below par of rational humanbeings who know how to appreciate those who keep helping them out despite their unworthiness.

'Datuk' Ong Kim Swee ought to be recognized for his leadership and his entire Harimau Muda Malaya team be rewarded accordingly.

On the other hand, whomsoever is responsible for inciting the mindless masses of nincompoops over in Indonesia and south of our border, ought to have his honorific titles stripped and charged in court for treason against Malaysia!

That is if the holidaying on ice Agong has any spine left to do what's necessary?

Before another equally hapless one takes over?

Why do I say so?

Well, its been 54 years since Malaya gained Independence from the Brits. 

What has he as the Sultan of Kedah done to reclaim the Island of Penang and Province Wellesley back to his fold?

History my dear friends speaks out loud!

I rest my case, so help me Almighty Allah!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Syabas Harimau Muda Malaysia!!! U guys make us proud! Well done!

The graphic above says it all! Our gallant Young Tigers of Malaysia have taught the world's sorriest sore ass losers how to eat humble pie???

These must be the world's worst kind of ingrates for terrorizing our footballers and athletes every time a sporting event is held at their country!

Without fail! Millions and millions of Indonesian illegal immigrants or as I prefer to call them following the US style as 'aliens' keep coming to earn their keep here in our beloved nation @ Malaysia to bring back much needed income to feed their families in Indonesia but these crazy ingrates threaten and terrorize our Malaysian citizens every time we have a match against them!

Is there any wonder why they are constantly suffering from natural disasters coming from the Taqdeer of Allahu Ta'ala?

Who keeps going to their assistance?

Why! Its none other than us whom they keep insulting with the term 'Maling Sial' @ Accursed Thieves???

Where the hell is their self respect when they without an iota of remorse or self respect grovel and grab whatever Malaysia keeps helping them with?

Serves them sore losers right to have our gallant Young Harimau Muda Malaysia team teach them a lesson that these ingrates will not find it easy to forget!

People like these need to have their Iman and Amal checked daily for they deserve not to be pitied for the insolent and arrogant manner by which they keep threatening our Malaysian citizens every other day in their so called republic!

In Islam, there is such a term as 'Kufur Nikmat' @ Ingrates for denying what Allahu Ta'ala provides for them through Malaysian Aid for them sore losers!

Here is a congratulatory message from Liverpool FC to our Young Tigers!
Now, that's what being sporting is all about? Not like the sore losers of Indonesial...oops! Indonesia.

Must be something in the foul air from the Gelora Bung Karno stadium, huh?


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dato Abdul Azeez Rahim & the orphans of Dar Al Tahfiz Rohingya, Al Misfalah.

Not many people are aware of what Dato Abdul Azeez bin Abdul Rahim has been doing for the orphans studying at Dar Al Tahfiz at Al Misfalah, Makkah Al Mukarramah for the past 8 years?

This often maligned UMNO Youth Exco member who also happens to be the President of the Putera 1Malaysia Club, has been quietly helping out the small community of Rohingya Muslim refugees who are living atop a hilly outcrop squatter like colony within the perimeters of the Masjidil Haram in Makkah Al Mukarramah.

I was amongst the Tabung Haji Media team who accompanied Dato Abdul Azeez and some of his family members to drive up along the narrow winding and often sharp cornered road in growling pickup trucks driven by those who can only be said to be the most experienced off road drivers here in this holy city of Makkah Al Mukarramah.

It was a nerve wrecking drive up the often squalid areas of a colony inhabited by refugees comprising of Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, African Muslims and Bangladeshis. 

When we finally reached the summit of this squatter like area, the first thing that assailed our nostrils was the putrid stench of rotting garbage dumped alongside the dusty narrow streets of the rocky hilltop colony of Al Misfalah.

On hand to greet us was an Ustaz @ religious teacher who was called as Ustaz Amin. Ustaz Amin had worked in Malaysia before and could speak Bahasa Melayu quite well. We were invited to enter the narrow building which had been raised floor by floor by donations and support coming from Dato Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and his associates.
It is not often that you get to see an UMNO Youth Exco like Dato Azeez willing to walk through a slum area such as the Al Misfalah colony! You have to experience it yourself to know how challenging it was to hold your breath and weather it out?

I later learned from Dato Abdul Azeez that it costs RM55,000 per month to pay for the running of the orphanage and Dar Al Tahfiz @ Quran Learning Center which is wholly catering for the Rohingya Muslim refugees and orphans living here in Makkah al Mukarramah.

Dato Azeez has been taking care of such costs for the past 8 years now. He shared with me that when he first came to know Ustaz Amin and about the plight of the orphans back then, the place was still just at ground level and had no upper floors. With his help and donations, the Orphanage and Quran Learning Center has slowly come to be raised floor by floor until it is now 5 storeys high.

Dato Abdul Azeez plans to acquire the neighbouring plot of land to expand the Orphanage and Quran Learning Center.

This is the man who many like to stigmatize with labelling him as Azeez Rempit for his care and concern for the wayward motorbike riding gangs of adolescent Malay youths back in our nation of Malaysia. 

He is often poked fun at because of his devotion to try and bring those wayward youths back to the path of responsibility and try to make decent citizens of them?

He is also known to be behind the humanitarian missions to strife torn countries such as Somalia and also to the occupied lands of Palestine under the Israeli regime's brutal oppression of the Palestinian Arab Muslims.

Not many know of this humanitarian mission of Dato Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim here in the squalid miserable squatter colonies atop the rocky hilly area of Al Misfalah, Makkah al Mukarramah?

From what I learned that day @ Thursday 10th November, 2011 while I was covering the donation giving day by Dato Abdul Azeez and his family members to more than 300 orphans of the Dar Al Tahfiz, the Saudi authorities just allow the Rohingyas to be there and they do not harass them. 

In return, the Rohingyas try their best not to burden the Saudis with their plight and make do with whatever they can get from good Samaritans like Dato Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. 

I for one am really impressed and can only pray for Allahu Ta'ala to shower His Blessings upon Dato Abdul Azeez for what he has been quietly doing for the poor Rohingyas all these years without much publicity or fanfare?

If I had not been chosen to perform my Hajj this year and be brought along to see with my own eyes what Dato Abdul Azeez has been doing for the Rohingyas here in Makkah, I wouldn't have had even a clue about this most noble gesture he has embarked upon since the past 8 years?

I invite you to take a look for yourselves about this selfless venture of the Putera 1Malaysia Club President:

I am sure that many of us know that Islam enjoins its adherents to do charity and to take care of the orphans in our ummah. Well Dato Azeez has clearly been doing just that! Although many of us, his fellow Malaysians have yet to hear of his good deeds thousands of kilometers away from our shores!

Haji Mohd Naser, the Tabung Haji Media Manager holding up a local child of Al Misfalah after the children were all given cash donations by Dato Azeez.

Try and get an idea as to how steep the road was by looking at this photo?
Its rare to see someone in Dato Abdul Azeez's position to be willing to ride at the back of a pickup truck in order to reach his targeted destination atop the Al Misfalah hilltop ~ the Dar Al Tahfiz for Rohingya Muslims in Makkah al Mukarramah.

Tabung Haji officials also accompanied us to the Rohingya Muslims orphanage and Quran Learning Center atop Al Misfalah hilltop colony.
These kids were so eager to have themselves photographed that they were practically clawing at me to get my attention which they did as you can see?
As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover? Don't judge Dato Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim just because he wants to guide our nation's wayward youths back to being responsible young Malaysians!

Mahaguru58 prays that Allahu Ta'ala will shower His Blessings upon this do-gooder and make it easier for him to do what he wants ~ which is to help our fellow Muslims all over the world in his own special way!

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.