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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Datukship for Harimau Muda Malaysia Coach Ong Kim Swee!

"All I said was, they don't respect you, they don't respect our flag, they don't respect our King and they don't respect your parents," Kim Swee was quoted by the New Straits Times. 

"If you allow this to happen, then you are cowards. You must teach them what being Malaysian is all about."


Now, that's what a true blue patriotic national soccer coach is all about! 

Not like a pushover PM like Najib who gives support to an obnoxious attention seeking anti-national brat like the accursed Namewee who imagines himself to be our nation's next good thing by insulting our national anthem Negaraku by coming out with his filth!

Malaysia needs more good people like our coach 'Datuk' Ong Kim Swee to lead the nation!

If he would be willing to be in politics, I'm sure that he'll be a good leader for us all. A true 1Malaysian patriot!

The way he put it to our Young Tigers is the kind of leadership that a 5 star general says to his soldiers before stepping on to the battlefield.

Braving the horrendous insults of a 100,000 over mindless nincompoops over there at the Gelora Bung 'Sewel' Karno Stadium in neighbouring 'ingrates' Indonesial ...oops! ~ sia, what 'Datuk' Ong Kim Swee and our gallant Harimau Muda Malaya football heroes achieved is simply outstanding and ought to be rewarded by the Malaysian Government with a lifelong monthly pension and be given honorific titles for their success in proving to the Indonesians that we Malaysians are simply way above them when it comes to our standards as a sovereign nation.
A heartbroken Indon diehard fan weeping openly after his team lost! Sorry bro! Dream on....

Despite their insults and sarcasms against our nation, we have never stopped helping out the ingrates everytime they are hit with a natural disaster after another. 

We Malaysians have risen high above their petty mindedness and still offered those sickos our assistance when they were reeling under the onslaught of the 2004 Tsunami. 

Malaysians have kept assisting the demonically egoistic ingrates over the years despite being insulted, cursed at and at times being threatened with war by a people whom I can only conclude as to be below par of rational humanbeings who know how to appreciate those who keep helping them out despite their unworthiness.

'Datuk' Ong Kim Swee ought to be recognized for his leadership and his entire Harimau Muda Malaya team be rewarded accordingly.

On the other hand, whomsoever is responsible for inciting the mindless masses of nincompoops over in Indonesia and south of our border, ought to have his honorific titles stripped and charged in court for treason against Malaysia!

That is if the holidaying on ice Agong has any spine left to do what's necessary?

Before another equally hapless one takes over?

Why do I say so?

Well, its been 54 years since Malaya gained Independence from the Brits. 

What has he as the Sultan of Kedah done to reclaim the Island of Penang and Province Wellesley back to his fold?

History my dear friends speaks out loud!

I rest my case, so help me Almighty Allah!


Supar Yop said...

Ini baru betul rakyat Malaysia sejati yg tau menghormati negara dan raja kita.Lain macam bangsat sorang tu yg menghina pelbagai kata nista terhadap lagu kebangsaan kita tapi di muliakan ke tahap makrifat.

Sebenarnya tuan Mahaguru, kalau kita selami betul2 hati mereka Nababee ini adalah suara hati bangsa mereka , yg benar2 mewakili jiwa nurani mereka.

Mereka memang tidak ada hormat langsung pada kita, jauh sekali nak iktiraf bangsa kita sbg tuan di negara ini.Yg selama ini, mereka cakap itu semua lakonan shj.

Selagi negara ini tidak berada dalam genggaman mereka mcm Singapura, selagi itulah mereka akan bertindak kurang ajar pd melayu , Islam , raja kita, sejarah kita dan hak2 kita.

Sudah sampai masanya kita bertindak tegas terhadap mereka.Malangnya pemimpin2 kita baik di pemerintah mahupun di pembangkang sedang bertungkus lumus cuba memenangi hati mereka.

Kita berdoa semooga didatangkan satu pemimpin yg tegas yg tidak boelh dibeli dgn wang ringgit dan tidak boleh digoda dgn china doll utk merubah keadaan ini.

anti bohmau said...

normally, in the end, gentlemen,

the truth prevails...InsyaAllah.

one by one, Allah SWT has displayed all the evidence from the 1st day 'solat hajat' being performed by people who could not accept the fate of a man who loves turbulence throughout his life...

btw, our KINGS are softhearted not to strip off the titles & awards from those traitors, making them feel boastfully right to slant & badmouth others...they do not honour their own titles by doing so, actually.

it's the same with those who claim to be very Islamic, 'more holier than thou' but fail to keep themselves from jealousy, envy, anguish talks, poison words & proclaiming heaven only to their party whilst the rest can go to hell!

when will they see the light?