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Monday, November 07, 2011

Hajj 1432 Hijrah ~ Mahaguru58's Personal Experience at the Jamrats of Mina

My Hajj pilgrimage has almost entered its final phase with the stoning rituals at the Jamrats of Mina. 

We have to walk from the Tabung Haji's leased accommodation for its staff 'White House' located in Syisya and the Tabung Haji's Field Headquarters at the tent city of Moaissem which is about 5 kilometers away. 

The 3 Jamrats are located halfway in between.

3 million over pilgrims congregating at the same time and coming from all over the world, each with their own social customs and habits can pose to be quite a major headache for the host nation @ Saudi Arabian security and enforcement officers.

If I wasn't performing my Hajj right now and witnessing the extreme impact of having all kinds of nationalities converging onto the valley of Mina here with my own eyes, I will not have learned as to how terribly difficult it is for Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj to see to the safety and welfare of 3 million over pilgrims where the majority of them as I have seen it simply do not give a hoot about what cleanliness and hygiene that is a major part of Islam by their irresponsible littering and fouling up of the entire roads leading to and fro the encampment areas and the locality of Syisya!

It is simply too disturbing for me as I absolutely detest such wanton ecological disaster caused by human apathy and couldn't carelessness!

Islam warrants each of its adherents to observe proper hygiene and not to be litterbugs. What I saw was a sad reality that most of those who have come here to perform their Hajj are a self centred lot and really ought to be taught by their respective Hajj authorities as to not be such irresponsible 'Muslims' and smear not only their own self's with such reckless behavior but also wake up to the reality that by performing the Hajj, they ought to be sterling examples of how a Muslim should conduct his or her own self when being in the Sacred Holy Lands of Makkah al Mukarramah?

The sacred lands of our Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam who once lived here and established the finalization of Allah's Way of Life for all of us the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam who have chosen to firmly believe and have faith in Our Supreme Almighty Lord!

Not to say that I am just focusing on this most negative aspect of the largest gathering of those who are said to be Muslims in my first ever Hajj but what I have seen with my very own eyes really goes against my Islamic principles and understandings of my faith which I hold very, very near and dear to my heart!

I have seen many disgusting mannerisms of those who have come here as pilgrims but whose behavior simply does not merit their being termed as such!

A Haj pilgrim ought to be at his or her best behavior and has reached a certain level of understanding what Islam is all about and how 'taharrah' @ cleanliness is an integral part of it?

Another main cause for concern is the haphazard manner by which most of the pilgrims coming from under developed countries and nation simply clog up the main thoroughfares, roads and streets leading to and fro the tent city of Moaissem and all along the pedestrian walkways right up to the Jamrat buildings.

No wonder that the Saudis are exasperated and drive many of them who are young police, army and enforcement security officers nuts and last night I and many of my fellow Tabung Haji media crew members plus a few elderly Malaysian Hajj pilgrims had the unfortunate exposure to an explosive confrontational skirmish between a young Saudi Arabian security personnel and an equally young Arab youth of black ethnic origin just because the latter wanted to go through a barricade to the other side of the pedestrian flow!

There was quite a lot of heated up shouting, gesticulating angry pushing, beating and slapping of the chests, violent shoving and heated punches flying right before our very eyes! 

I was too stunned to witness such an unexpected fight between the obviously enraged and out of control Saudi Arabian young sergeant who flew into such a rage that could only have been a release of pent-up youthful emotions and rage that defied expression!!!! 

There was no question of missing out on videotaping such an unexpected conflict as the Saudis have a serious aversion to the presence and brandishing of cameras, compact or whatever? 

You risk having your expensive precious cameras confiscated by them if you ever get carried away with wanting to snap those priceless moments or photo ops that you simply can't resist?

I would have had an explosive viral You Tube quality video on my hand and if I chose to publish it would probably be blacklisted by the Saudis from ever getting to step on their lands in the future? Na'uzubillah! :P

Talk about a volcanic explosive eruption of youthful unbridled anger? 

That young Saudi was just uncontrollable and his equally young enforcement officer team had to wrestle him down as he turned into a raging bull who even hoisted up a plastic road divider and wanted to smash it down upon the equally worked up African Arab youth!!!

He ran berserk!!! A raging bull!

The Saudis manhandled the youth and dragged him away to their security office in a container right before the rest of us bewildered Hajj pilgrims! It was like something out of those Hollywood video compilations of human emotional confrontational clips!

We were still sort of trying to make sense of that craziness as we walked through the human mass blanketing the sidewalks, pavements and even the most unthinkable places where we who are used to some sense of normalcy as to life in Malaysia would never even dream of curling up in blankets and the like and doze off amidst the heaps of litter clogging those areas???

It is really quite a challenging experience for a first timer like myself who has yet to be exposed to a situation such as this where the mass of humanity are sort of left to their own devices and then being sternly chased away like cattle by the often enraged youths wearing Saudi security and enforcement uniforms!

To me, both parties ought to be blamed for the growing heaps of garbage and litter scattered all along the road paths and the pedestrian tunnels. 

Sometimes pictures tell the story I am relating here better so feel free to see for yourselves!

Look at the pictures I have displayed above and just try....

Try to imagine how awful is the stench and pong from the mountains of trash piled up all along the roads to and from Syisha and Moaissem in Mina?

You will never want to experience that, I can guarantee you!

Such litterbug Muslims must change their ways if they really, truly want to be termed as Hajee's or Hajjah's?

Travelling all the way to the Holy Lands and leaving behind your trash speaks volumes about who these 'Hajee's really are?

True Muslims will never desecrate the very sacred lands of our Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, no matter what?