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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Syabas Harimau Muda Malaysia!!! U guys make us proud! Well done!

The graphic above says it all! Our gallant Young Tigers of Malaysia have taught the world's sorriest sore ass losers how to eat humble pie???

These must be the world's worst kind of ingrates for terrorizing our footballers and athletes every time a sporting event is held at their country!

Without fail! Millions and millions of Indonesian illegal immigrants or as I prefer to call them following the US style as 'aliens' keep coming to earn their keep here in our beloved nation @ Malaysia to bring back much needed income to feed their families in Indonesia but these crazy ingrates threaten and terrorize our Malaysian citizens every time we have a match against them!

Is there any wonder why they are constantly suffering from natural disasters coming from the Taqdeer of Allahu Ta'ala?

Who keeps going to their assistance?

Why! Its none other than us whom they keep insulting with the term 'Maling Sial' @ Accursed Thieves???

Where the hell is their self respect when they without an iota of remorse or self respect grovel and grab whatever Malaysia keeps helping them with?

Serves them sore losers right to have our gallant Young Harimau Muda Malaysia team teach them a lesson that these ingrates will not find it easy to forget!

People like these need to have their Iman and Amal checked daily for they deserve not to be pitied for the insolent and arrogant manner by which they keep threatening our Malaysian citizens every other day in their so called republic!

In Islam, there is such a term as 'Kufur Nikmat' @ Ingrates for denying what Allahu Ta'ala provides for them through Malaysian Aid for them sore losers!

Here is a congratulatory message from Liverpool FC to our Young Tigers!
Now, that's what being sporting is all about? Not like the sore losers of Indonesial...oops! Indonesia.

Must be something in the foul air from the Gelora Bung Karno stadium, huh?