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Thursday, November 24, 2011

TM doesn't know how to apologize for its line interruption! 3 days out!

I returned from my Hajj on Sunday, the 20th of November, 2011 to find my home phone line down.

Without the home phone line working, I was forced to spend many hours at the nearby Q Bistro and spend unnecessarily on food & drinks in order to be able to access their wifi.

I lodged a report at the Pandan Indah TMpoint. There was no apologies but a promise to look into the matter within 72 hours. That's a 3 day time frame. I was told to leave my cellphone number with them so that their technician will be able to contact me when they arrive to check on my phone connection.

On Wednesday, I returned home to find the phone line working again. No calls from any TM technician or from their TMpoint centre.

What I'm peeved at is the way TM doesn't bother to say sorry or have the courtesy to apologize to us as its paying customers?

Its not like we are getting their slipshod service for free???

For all the millions TM spends on its marketing campaigns, they still do not know how to take care of their customers feelings, yet have the audacity to claim this and that in their tv ads such as the one above?

Saying SORRY doesn't need for one to know Rocket Science!

Learn to appreciate your customers lah Telekom Malaysia!!!