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Thursday, November 24, 2011

TM doesn't know how to apologize for its line interruption! 3 days out!

I returned from my Hajj on Sunday, the 20th of November, 2011 to find my home phone line down.

Without the home phone line working, I was forced to spend many hours at the nearby Q Bistro and spend unnecessarily on food & drinks in order to be able to access their wifi.

I lodged a report at the Pandan Indah TMpoint. There was no apologies but a promise to look into the matter within 72 hours. That's a 3 day time frame. I was told to leave my cellphone number with them so that their technician will be able to contact me when they arrive to check on my phone connection.

On Wednesday, I returned home to find the phone line working again. No calls from any TM technician or from their TMpoint centre.

What I'm peeved at is the way TM doesn't bother to say sorry or have the courtesy to apologize to us as its paying customers?

Its not like we are getting their slipshod service for free???

For all the millions TM spends on its marketing campaigns, they still do not know how to take care of their customers feelings, yet have the audacity to claim this and that in their tv ads such as the one above?

Saying SORRY doesn't need for one to know Rocket Science!

Learn to appreciate your customers lah Telekom Malaysia!!!


mariam said...

Salam Mahaguru,

I'm on behalf of TM Staff so sorry for the TM Customer Service attitude.

Memang now our CEO sangat tekankan Customer Services cause compared to our product quality with others we are so good. But in term of Customer Services we have much more to learn from our competitors.

Hopefully after this Customer Service will learn their mistakes.

Aku Peduli Apa @ APA said...

Assalam Tuan Haji Zainol Abidin.
Selamat kembali ketanah air.Doa saya agar sdra beroleh haji yang mabrur,InsyaAllah.Amin

Supar Yop said...

Benda macam ni pun nak tunggu CEO tekan atau bagi arahan..As Mahaguru was saying you dont have to be a Rocket Scientist just to say sorry, Tak perlu ada MBA atau pHD to do such a simple thing.

I dont have anything personal against you Cik Mariam, but if your CEO is stressing so much on Customer Service, why the hell it takes 72 hours to rectify such problem?Arent TM staff (some of them)deployed on 24 hours stand by? For your info I am also a TM user,I have not been interrupted to that extend yet but I would be damn mad even if it is up to 48 hours.
So bersabar lah Mahaguru, you have just came back from a severe test of patience in Mekah and soon just step on Malaysian soil for 72 hours you have been tested again!

But certainly TM has got to improve its service continously..

Andreas said...

Assalamu alaikum

Since September, 2010 I have a 4 Mb Internet connection provided by TM.
Every, without exception every, month I have the dubious pleasure to have to argue with the service hotline. Longer interruptions are as frequent as short intermittent interruptions (presumably somebody has installed an indicator relay ;-) ) protracting for days.
Many hotline employees (of the English hotline!) speak so miserable English (clipped speech) that only by repeated demands an arduous communication is possible. Very often they do not have the slightest specialist knowledge and process stolidly a list which leads only after pointlessly wasted time to the aim.
The technician (contractor) is as a rule the next day on site and explains to me that there was a problem with the port. But I would already know this. [sic!]
At least these guys know what they do and in the meantime we know each other. :-)
Now, one asks himself of course whether the constant assignment of an external company is really cheaper than the exchange of the obviously defective hardware.

In September, 2011 I received my TM invoice much too late (16.09.).
Because I pay basically all my invoices in the first week of the month, of course I did not want to drive 15 km because of one single invoice.
On the 04th of October, the new invoice was in the mailbox the day before, my Internet connection was off-line close to 2 am suddenly .
On demand the hotline informed me that I had not paid my invoice. I should pay my invoice and then call the accounting office to inform them about the payment. Then the connection would become activated again.

It's not easy to keep calm in such a situation. :-(

So the next day I paid both invoices and called the accounting office.
It was answered that now one has registered this and the connection would become reactivated within the next 12 hours.

That was too much! The final straw.

Presumably I expressed myself quite impressively loud and very clearly.
In any case, after one hour I was on the Internet again.

Now the following questions position themselves to me:

1.) Why DOES TM after one unpaid invoice and without reminder interrupt the connection?
2.) Why DOES TM interrupt the Internet connection, however, not the phone? (Had I really do not want to pay or weren't able, I could have caused with the phone, to wit exclusively with it, immense expenses.)
3.) How is it possible that a high technology company like TM is unable to pass on payments of his local subsidiary to the central accounting office and in addition must trouble the customer?
4.) Has nobody still thought about the fact that the announcement of a 12-hour waiting period for the reconnection after payment borders on theft?
5.) The connecting down-times from September, 2010 till this day added result in one month with certainty. Shouldn't I rather receive a compensation for it instead of being urged with impertinent disconnections?

If one looks at the almost Stone Age data transfer rate in addition and at the, in comparison with that, completely excessive fees, one recognises that a monopoly is always the wrong choice.

MAHAGURU58 said...

The service industry here in Malaysia really needs to be improved tremendously.

When most Malaysians just keep quiet and accept lousy service as part and parcel of our lives, this is what we receive although we have paid for such 'not up to mark' services in the first place.

We have yet to attain independence from such 'slavish mentality'.

You see this take place without fail everytime a non Malaysian > Malay, Chinese or Indian (read Caucasian) where the tendency will be to go head over heels in trying to accommodate any such person or persons!

Malaysians have yet to grow up as a nation, service wise.