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Monday, December 12, 2011

Karpal Singh is the King of DAP ; not just 'Godfather'! Listen to him say ...

Penang Deputy Chief Minister Prof P.Ramasamy set off Karpal Singh who is the King and Taiko of DAP all fired up when he referred to Karpal as the Godfather of the DAP!

Karpal Singh is for the record, not just a godfather in the Democratic Action Party of Malaysia in the true sense of the word for whatever Karpal Singh is King says, no one can challenge him!

Without Karpal Singh the DAP will be just another run of the mill opposition political party! Don't play play with King Karpal Singh Maharaj Jai Ho!

Karpal Singh is an institution by himself in the legal and political realm of this country. He does not mince his words and has times and times again bit the bullet when it comes to standing his ground and facing off his political enemies.

He has remained true to his calling and despite apologizing to us Muslims of Malaysia for his challenge to cross his dead body if we wish to set up an Islamic State here in Malaysia remains adamant in opposing it to this day !

Prof Ramasamy has probably not thought of the consequences of him incurring the wrath of 'King' Karpal?

This is no simple Singh. He is King Karpal Singh for the DAP!

He might not have a palace so to speak but to this date, he holds court in Parliament and in the DAP.

Prof Ramasamy has simply stirred King Karpal Singh's hornet nest.

There's no way he can get Karpal to capitulate to him. Mission Impossible!



Supar Yop said...

Ini lah satu contoh punjabi, rakyat Malaysia paling kurang ajar selepas Kit Siang. Sambil duduk atas kerusi roda, dia boleh tuding jari warning Sultan Perak " I 'm warning the Sultan".Belum pegang federal lagi dah biadap.
Inilah orang yg bangga mengankat diri sbg Singh is King, tapi bila sebut Ketuanan Melayu - bangkang habis, termasuk melayu bangang yg ada dlm PR


saya rasa....ini hanya gimik & sandiwara menjelang GE13...semata-mata.....