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Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Ugly, Bad & Good Americans dealing with injustice against Muslims

My tears flowed upon watching this video where it showed a reality ABC TV program produced by Ann Sorkowitz.

We Malaysians don't discriminate against those who come here to Malaysia. We do have our guard up against those who are foreigners committing all kinds of crimes against us like the scam operators mainly coming in as students from African countries such as Nigeria or those robbers from Indonesia based upon actual incidents here.

But we do not discriminate against people from another faith or ethnicity based just upon their self's as human beings.

This video exposes the injustice being perpetrated upon the Muslim community over there in America.

It is sickening to see the attitude of a few of the Americans featured in the video taking sides with the clerk who is in actuality an actor employed to act the way he did against the character of the Muslim woman who was also a paid actress.

But the emergence of a few considerate Americans who came forward and stood up for the Muslim woman made me reassured that there are still rational just Americans out there!

May God bless them.


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