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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kolaveri Di ~ Hindraf's Version to rile up Malaysian Indians against PM Najib

You've got to admit it that the outlawed HINDRAF are quite creative in using the viral Kolaveri Di music video sung by Indian actor Dhanush and is spreading like wildfire amongst the You Tubers out there into spreading their agenda amongst our Malaysian Indians online!

For those of us who can speak and understand Tamil, the message in HINDRAF's version of the hit song Kolaveri Di is obvious ~ they are asking the Malaysian Indians to not vote for the BN.

But then again, the question comes as to who else are they supposed to vote for?

The Malaysian Opposition haven't exactly delivered as they promised the Malaysian Indians?

Remember Anwar Ibrahim's promise to the Indians of Kampong Buah Pala in Bukit Gelugor, Penang? Watch the following evidences:

That's the parliamentary constituency of the DAP Chairman Karpal Singh. Despite all kinds of promises made by Anwar and gang, Kampong Buah Pala was demolished totally even disregarding a self-immolation attempt by one distraught Indian mother there!

An affected Kg Buah Pala Indian asks what the Lion of the Courts @ Karpal Singh has done for the Indian villagers of Kampong Buah Pala?

So many people promised them this and that but at the end of the day, it was the Kg Buah Pala Indian villagers who got played out:

Some of the gathered Indians took offense to a derogatory remark said to have been uttered by a police officer there against them:

This is a post demolition video of the now gone century old heritage Indian village :

Its not like I am denying that the Malaysian Indians are suffering from a serious lack of responsible leadership from amongst the various political parties and NGO's.

Their plight is true and most lower income group Indians are reeling from poverty, lack of education, restricted job opportunities, social and moral problems as a result of having all these so called champions of their Malaysian Indian community betraying them at every given chance and opportunity all these years.

The future of their next generation depends on us and what we decide today?

I'd rather see these boys grow up and become successful than see them amongst the people who would be in trouble in the years to come!

The Indians really need to have a new set of leaders from across the Malaysian Indian diaspora we have now in Malaysia.

We need to see them live a better more meaningful life led by decent leaders who really walk their talk and not end up getting stabbed in their backs again and again under all earlier false promising crooks pretending to be their Makkal Champions!

I leave it to the Malaysian Indians to decide as to whom they wish to support?

From my own experience in dealing with him in person during my coverage of the Hulu Selangor By-Elections before, I see such a leader in the person of the Hulu Selangor MP YB P.Kamalanathan. 
He is an intelligent person and capable of bringing all the Malaysian citizens including the Indians up from where they are now struggling in? He is quite loved by his constituents. That's important for any politician. To have support.

But he can't do it alone. He needs to have a strong team of similar dynamic young Indians. The problem is that some of these chaps might just go Brutus on him in the event of them getting too big for their breeches?

Just do not regret it later when the ones you thought will help you out turn to be just the same bullshit spewers like those of the past but under a brand new disguise and get up?

I pray that their true potential will be realized and someone really worth their support will turn up soon.

Very soon, Insya Allah.

In the meantime, congratulations to whoever came up with this version of Kolaveri Di. If properly managed, you might just open up a whole new world of opportunity for our local Malaysian Indian artistes.
No matter who or what we are, we are all Malaysians and it is our duty to help one another to live a decent, free from social and economical problems.

Millions of foreigners are coming to earn and make their living here. Time to make sure that our Malaysian people are not left behind in our national quest to make Malaysia a developed nation in the next 8 years or so?

All Malaysians need to be supported by the government, no matter that they be from the BN or the Opposition.

United we stand strong ; divided we will fall and this nation will be lost to us!

We can't afford to have that. We must help each other succeed! In Islam, it is enjoined upon us to help our neighbor. I'm sure we can do more than that!

Let's prosper our fellow citizens!

Malaysia Boleh! :)

Insya Allah!


shakafulaizer... said...

Salam Tn Hj....

The challenge to the voters come GE13 is to select the better of 2 evils coz both BN and PR has it's shortfalls..I dream of a clean goverent that tailors it's policies for the betterment of the rakyat and not for a selected lot of the society... "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"... Neither team deserves...


raj raman said...

Do you know what's the problems with Indian?
Job and Pay.
Gomen help the son of soil including the son of Indonesian as long they are Muslim - Bumiputra.

Public sector - Chinese for sure will help their race.
Under Pakatan rule their slogan Malaysia for all but when come to down trodden Indian they say wash hand - like LGE and his INdian DCM.THEY WILL CHAMPION PIG FARM THAN HUMAN INDIAN PROBLEM.

rajraman666.Indian will terms racists in Pakatan and Barisan quietly make use Indian.

rajraman666.Politician worst than trader.At least trader sometimes sells something higher or below par quality goods but Politician trade lies to the Indian community.