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Monday, January 02, 2012

Malaysian Federal Government needs to be spring cleaned to remain relevant.

The government and its law enforcement agencies have been too lenient over the last few years for fear of losing support from those who are in fact so much against it and all that it stands for?

The problem starts when the government fails to spring clean itself from those who are corrupt and abusing their positions and privileges as a result of the lack of integrity of those who call the shots.

This in turn forces disgruntled citizens and members of the Malaysian Civil servants to look for alternative forms of leadership in the Malaysian Opposition.

The problem is further aggravated when the Opposition is made up of similar persons who aren't any much better than the ones who are in power?

Worse still if those who are thought to be the answer to our nation's woes are in actuality the ones who are working hard to undermine our faith of Islam by coming up with  'schools of thought' that go against the fundamentals of our faith under the cloak and guise of progressive thinking.

We all know that it's not 'a walk in the park' to rid the country of those who have abused their positions and have become parasites in all levels of government overnight!

Yet, if Najib Tun Razak wants to remain relevant to the future of Malaysia, he has to start right now and take corrective action in order to stop the rot?

One thing for sure is that he has to make sure that all those who are in his cabinet are up to mark and those caught with their hands in the national cookie jar must be immediately investigated and if found to be guilty, be made an example if he still wants to rule?

Being one who came into power by way of being appointed doesn't speak well for Najib.

This coming 13th GE will be his litmus test, so to speak.
All the recent transformations that PM Najib has been making in his 1Malaysia agenda will be assessed and judged by the Malaysian voters as to whether it enriches their lives or not?

The ballot box is the best way to determine this nation's future federal and state governments and I for one wish to see it led by only those who are worthy and deserve our support.

In the meantime, Najib Tun Razak has to ensure that he doesn't throw out the baby together with the bath water by seeing to it that those who are doing good for the country do not get victimized as a result of them getting scandalized by the Opposition and enemies from within his government as well.

The recent smear campaign against Dato Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, Minister in Charge of Islamic Affairs, in the PM's Department is one example. 
YB Senator Dato Seri Dr Jamil Khir Baharom
Minister (Islamic Affairs)
PM's Department
The accusation that he and 2 others misused zakat @ tithes funds to pay for their defense legal fees is an issue that is being played by the Opposition to discredit the said minister and force him out from office.

Jamil Khir refutes this allegation and says that their legal fees were paid from funds allocated by the government to the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Council where legal costs are incurred in dealing with matters involving Syariah issues such as apostasy cases, etc.

The Opposition do not make even a squeak about their leaders who go on sponsored luxurious haj and umrah trips.

It all boils down to having integrity. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't go about throwing stones. 

Sometimes its all just a matter of perception. Everyone who gets to be in power can't help wanting to taste some sense of luxury in their life.

We are all just human and when we can afford to do strive to improve our lot no matter who we are or claim to be?

The reality that each and every one who is in power do live in palatial mansions like kings can't be pooh poohed or swept under the carpet for nowadays, the power of visual images can be taken and published online without any hassle by just anyone with a digital camera.

Leaders nowadays no matter that they be from the BN or Opposition will claim that they are innocent and free from corruption but a look at their personal lifestyles will show otherwise.

The salaries and other perks that come with their positions at times doesn't tally with the actual costs of their grandiose mansions and palaces and posh lifestyles of their spouses, children and families.

Yet, we can understand that whether we like it or not, critics will always be out to look for the faults of others forgetting that they themselves are not that squeaky clean in the first place?

Having said that, I do believe that there are still much work to be done in shaping the future of this country by making sure that those who are in power here in Malaysia are those who really deserve to be there and working as hard as they can to earn their keep and not be political or official remora's instead!
Remora's feeding beneath a tiger shark. Photo courtesy of
May we get a better government after the coming 13th GE.



manfrommachap said...

But wasn't it the Auditor General that highlighted the missappropriations. True, the opposition publicised it and probably for political mileage understandably but to call a spade a spade, he did actually used the zakat money to pay off the legal fees and only returned it back when the allocated money was disbursed at a much later date. And I just wondered whether I could do the same because I am getting some money next month and I desperately in need of money to pay the legal fees for the loan i'm taking.

Edwin said...

A parasite, my good man, will kill the host eventually. Remoras and the ray that you gave in your example have a mutually beneficial relationship.