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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Narayanan Krishnan, CNN Top 10 Indian Hero who feeds the poor & homeless

Its not always that we see true gems amongst humankind nowadays. I can only say that this kind hearted good samaritan by the name of Narayanan Krishnan is a rare being.

In these age where many amongst human society do not care for others anymore, Narayanan Krishnan shines through as an exemplary humanitarian.

Here are some info from CNN about Narayanan Krishnan :

Krishnan's day begins at 4 a.m. He and his team cover nearly 125 miles in a donated van, routinely working in temperatures topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

He seeks out the homeless under bridges and in the nooks and crannies between the city's temples. The hot meals he delivers are simple, tasty vegetarian fare he personally prepares, packs and often hand-feeds to nearly 400 clients each day.

Krishnan carries a comb, scissors and razor and is trained in eight haircut styles that, along with a fresh shave, provide extra dignity to those he serves.

He says many of the homeless seldom know their names or origins, and none has the capacity to beg, ask for help or offer thanks. They may be paranoid and hostile because of their conditions, but Krishnan says this only steadies his resolve to offer help.

I recall sharing about how the Blessed Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam cared for and fed an old blind Jewish beggar at the marketplace of Madinah al Munawwarah who was always cursing him based upon blind hatred and hearsay?

When the Blessed Messenger passed away, his successor and Companion Caliph Abu Bakar tried to carry on doing the same after learning about it from his daughter Siti Aishah, widow of the Blessed Messenger.

When Sayyidina Abu Bakar tried to feed the old blind Jew, the blind man, caught hold of Abu Bakar's hand and asked as to who he was?

Abu Bakar said that he was the same one who had been feeding him before. The blind man refuted that and said that the one who had fed him before had chewed the food well before feeding him.

Abu Bakar broke down sobbing uncontrollably and confessed to the old blind Jew that it was the Blessed Prophet of Allah, Muhammad the Mercy of God for all creation who had been feeding the blind beggar all those years and now the prophet had passed away.

The old blind Jew was shocked beyond belief and he cried out wail-fully that how wretched a person he was?

He had been cursing the prophet all those years and yet had been fed and nurtured by the very same prophet without a single retort or complaint against his cursing of him.

The blind Jew attested that he was really very, very sorry and declared his Syahadah before Sayyidina Abu Bakar and became a believer.

What Narayanan Krishnan is doing today is reminiscent of what the Messenger of Allah had done for the old blind Jewish beggar before?

He is still helping more than 200 over homeless mentally challenged destitute's in his home city of Madurai, India. He runs the Akshaya Trust dedicated to feeding the poor and the unsound homeless persons living on the streets and sidewalks of his town.

Those who have the means can donate to his cause here

Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust 
9, West 1st Main Street, Doak Nagar Extension, 
Madurai 625 016. India
Ph: +91(0)452 4353439 Cell:+91 98433 19933 

Caring for the uncared

May more of those who can afford to do likewise do so all over the world!

Insya Allah.

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baderul81 said...

Assalamualaikum yb zul..

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