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Monday, January 02, 2012

Nigerian Parcel Scam and other crimes exposed by Mazidul Akmal Sidik

Those of us who are aware of the Nigerian menace wreaking havoc in our country are actually quite shocked to see so many of these crooks and criminals being allowed to keep coming into Malaysia under the pretext of them being private college students!

The whole world is now being plagued by online scams run by these crafty Nigerians who are cheating people by pulling off various schemes using false identities and bogus companies.

Even grand mom's are not spared of falling victim to these fraudsters! :P

It is said that over a billion ringgits has been lost to these unscrupulous Nigerians here in Malaysia over the last few years alone!
Every minute that passes, there is a sucker somewhere in this online world getting scammed by these Nigerians who despite coming from a 3rd world African country rife with problems, still manage to dupe people all over the world with their sweet nothings!

Here's Vivian wanting to befriend Dearest': :P

They have become Masters in the Art of Deception and those who are dumb enough to fall for all these e-scams really deserve it!

TV3 reporter and journalist Mazidul Akmal Sidik has been doing a splendid job of exposing these Nigerian crooks through his blogs and Journalis Maya.

Mazidul has been doing investigative journalism both in his official and personal capacity to highlight and expose the Nigerians who are causing rising social problems in Malaysia through their drug trafficking using local women, parcel scams and abusing those dumb enough to fall for their charms.

He has written an excellent expose here. Congrats bro!

I wonder what the Home Minister is doing about this?

From the spiraling number of such cases, I guess apparently not enough!

Mazidul has even caught on tape a Nigerian scammer pretending to represent a courier service. Listen to the audio conversation here.

Mazidul is doing Malaysians a great service for all these excellent investigative journalism on his own. 

Maybe, the Sultan of Pahang should consider giving him a Datukship instead of conferring such honors upon some half baked singers and actors! :P

This Nigerian scam problem is worldwide. Watch the following video:

Its heartening to note that our Malaysian authorities are starting to catch these Nigerian cheats! They ought to be whipped and thrown into jail!

I say that it's time to put a stop to all these nonsense and stop anymore of these Nigerian conmen from coming into Malaysia.

Catch and arrest all those pretending to be students and charge them in court if they are found to be here illegally and deport them back to their country!

Charge Nigeria for the costs of transporting them and all other miscellaneous expenses.

Those who are found guilty according to our laws must be dealt with severely and no bail be allowed!

Nigeria is already taking action against these scammers! Watch this:

Singapore has also seen its citizens fall prey to these Nigerian fraudsters. Watch the following video:

When is our Malaysian Home Ministry going to go all out in eradicating these vermin from Nigeria or for the matter from any other country?

Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn! Are you firm enough to do what you are being highly paid to do, Dato Seri???
PM Najib Tun Razak has obviously screwed up el grande by appointing his cousin to this most important job of being our Malaysian Home Minister!
We need a Home Minister who can really kick ass!!! Not just issue warnings after endless meaningless warnings that nobody really cares about?
Definitely not someone who guffaws like Malaysia's Next Top Auw Auw!



mamasita said...

Salam Tuan Haji.
Topik yang serious sangat2 ni.

Tetapi, bila tengok gambar 2 keping yang last sekali, saya pun tak tahan ketawa terbahak2..hehehe

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam mamasita!

:D Hehehehehe!

Anonymous said...

smti.... an eye opener for malaysian...... terbaik