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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Nigerian Scammers operating in Malaysia breaking hearts in Australia!

5 Nigerians have been arrested by Malaysian Police after being caught redhanded in a sting operation conducted by the Australian 60 Minutes TV program and our own Bukit Aman Royal Malaysian Police Force.
Its sad to see people who are lonely and looking for true love end up as victims of these notorious Nigerians who are out to rob their targets of their life savings and even leaving some heavily in debt while they live a life of luxury and enjoy themselves at these poor Australians expense!

The Love Trap.

Its a cruel heartless world we live in today. Nigerian scammers have become slick confidence tricksters and they are getting craftier by the day.

Many Malaysian women from all walks of life and backgrounds have and are falling into the trap.

Not only do they get cleaned out of their life savings and bank accounts, many of them get intimately involved with these crooks and are often held to ransom by these Nigerians by having their sexual romps recorded on video and photos.

Talk about getting robbed and raped at the same time?

I hope that the Malaysian authorities stop this Nigerian scourge before many more unsuspecting people get hurt!

Start vetting those coming from Nigeria and all other African nations if we want to put a stop to such scams!

We can't afford to have such crime festering here unchecked!

Just read some of the comments that Liam Bartlett, the Australian 60 Minutes program reporter has been getting in his blog here:

So thankful for this news story...Posted by: ThankfulPerth, on 11/12/2011 4:10:19 AM
I'm beyond thankful for this news story! Very recently my mother joined a dating site and started chatting to men, so far 3 out of the 6 have asked for money and have claimed to be "working" overseas. I'm not sure if she would have listened to me about it being a scam had she not watched this news story just before joining up. So thank you thank you thank you 60 minutes!

the internet is a dangerous placePosted by: hurtnconfusedbrisbane, on 5/12/2011 11:22:17 PM
since 12mths ago when i first found out that my boyfriend had started to join dating sites i have been drowned with so much pain! my boyfriend came to me one day and told me that he had a woman from maylaysia coming to stay with him in the house him and i were still living in together. anyway she never showed up but she did managed to take $6000 off him. my boyfriend and i than worked things out only for me to found out again that he had fallen for another girl from ghana and that she was coming to stay with im he only lost $500 that i know of but my question is why do people him my boyfriend not learn from there mistakes the first time?. and to make things even worse now he is still on a dating site that is called dream marriage its a russian site and he has already caught out 2 girls that are scammers but if you do a search on dream marriage it comes up as a scam because alot of guys have gone over to meet these girls only to find out they are only after their money.

Internet dating scammersPosted by: small voiceNew Zealand, on 20/11/2011 7:21:26 PM
The 60 Min story has just air here in NZ. I have recently tried to look for love on internet dating sites, over the last month and so far i have had three woman ask for money. I have rejected all of this, however it truely makes it had for the genuine people trying to find someone special to share there live with. The sad thing about all of this is it makes me realise how vunerably i really am and how alone i feel. Every one has to earn a dollar, but how can these people sleep at night. I guess until you are caught it might not seem that bad. To people who have small social groups the internet is an easy out let however there is little reality. I felt sorry for the woman on the show and can see her pain. I also see so called healthy normal people wondering how could we fall for such obvious lies. Being shy, poor in social situations and felling unworthy makes us prey.....

This is stereotypingPosted by: lolaoUK, on 17/11/2011 5:34:35 AM
Firstly, while I do not condone these scammers, Nigerians or otherwise, I believe it will be fair to make it know that it is not just Nigerians. People are being scammed within UK by other nationals incl the British (as displayed on panaroma) as well and like someone said, investment victims fall victim because they are GREEDY and LAZY. Secondly, will it be fair to say BRITISH and RACISM go hand in hand or better put "went together hand in glove"? I don't think so because as much as there are quite a few who are racist, there are a lot more who are not & same goes in dis case.Quite a few Nigerians may be scamming but there are a whole lot more who are honest,hard-working people.As previously noted above your comments show partiality, stereotyping and a lack of respect for Nigeria and Nigerians.

As human beings, it is just natural that we seek to have company in our lives and even after getting burnt by every failed relationships, we are told to always think positive and go look for new love, etc.

All our life experiences come to nothing for when we get duped in a newer more sophisticated way, we will only realize it too late after the damage has been done.

Sometimes, life can be just so challenging and we will never know what hit us until we really wake up from our lovestruck stupor.

At the end of the day, our heart just has to go on beating with hope that we will be blessed with our true blue soulmate here on Earth and maybe in the Hereafter as well?

In the meantime, just try not to get roasted.

Love. It can really make or break us deep within.

Many poor souls unfortunately have become toast searching for it.
You can look for love or friendship online but the minute you are asked to send your newfound love or friend some money, no matter how small the amount, just delete that link and go on with your life.

True love isn't about dollars and cents.

Matter of heart. Connection between souls needs no cash. Period.

Its better to be safe than sorry.

May you be safe and well. Ameen.


shakafulaizer... said...

Dear Hj Mahaguru,

What you have been posting for the past few days is indeed excellent and timely for our society. I know a good friend (lady)of mine who used to help her so called "true love" whom she got to know from similar circumstance only to be left in the dark after she suspected something amiss..The "true love" character simply vanished after siphoning some money.Although the monetary damage was small for her standards, the betrayal has hatched a permanent scar onto her.
Ladies are especially vulnerable to these sweet if they have the magic to transform any mirage into an oasis... i truly hope this sort of eye opening message will reach the no one deserves to be fooled under the pretext of love...remember true love will never only fills you with abundance...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear shakafulaizer,
People forget that to capture and captivate a heart is the key to all other aspects of a person's being.

Whether rich or poor, young or old, healthy or sickly, no matter what or who we are, we all need love!

The problem is, finding the right one.

Not to say that going online looking for love will always end up getting betrayed, robbed or raped!

I myself met my wife online way back in 2001.

We have been happily married since 2002. Alhamdulillah.

Its just a matter of being cautious and careful not to end up like so many of those who have been scammed and had their hearts broken and trusting souls crushed.

May we all look after each other by spreading the word and advising those whom we can or are able to?

Insya Allah.