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Friday, January 20, 2012

SOPA and PIPA Bills start losing support due to Internet Blackouts!

The proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) Bills that were being proposed by the US Congress started to lose support from US Senators who heeded the blackout protests by established reference online sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit following worldwide angst against such attempts by the US Congress to censor the net.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio
PIPA co-sponsor Florida Sen. Marco Rubio withdrew his name and support from the bill on Wednesday, and SOPA co-sponsor Arizona Rep.Congressman Ben Quayle did the same on Tuesday.
Many other US Congressmen started backing off from the controversial bills that are said to be the prelude to US censorship of the internet going against their own First Amendment ~ Freedom of speech and ideas.

Even countries which are said to be conservative such as our own do not censor the internet except for certain objectionable websites which are detrimental to the preservation and upkeeping of our nation's social and moral codes plus accepted principles based upon the Rukunegara

Which are :

  • Belief in God
  • Loyalty to King and Country
  • Upholding the Constitution
  • Sovereignty of the Law, and
  • Good Behaviour and Morality

The United States of America often contradicts itself when it comes to practicing what it preaches?

America speaks of freedom of this and that but goes on worldwide to impose its values and principles upon sovereign countries of the world who do not agree with it or kowtow to it!

Countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, etc. are amongst those countries which America brands as the Axis of Evil forgetting that these countries do not send their troops to occupy the USA as what America has done and intends to do?

Afghanistan and Iraq have been reduced to rubble and now the US is setting its sights upon the Islamic Republic of Iran. If not for the opposition of powerful countries sitting in the UN Security Council such as the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, Iran would have suffered the same fate as Iraq by now?
Now, the US Congress are being led by the Lead PIPA sponsor Texas Rep. Congressman Lamar Smith to start imposing censorship on the internet and the immediate blackout responses by Wikipedia and other established reference sites are starting to bear fruit by the reversal of many of the US Congressmen who had earlier endorsed such a debilitating move against the very 'Freedom of Speech' which the American Constitution is said to stand for?

Whereas over here in Malaysia, our Federal Government has pledged to:
  • build an open and digital democracy of society and it’s on the way to go.
  • develop the Multimedia Super Corridor which was initiated by our former 4th Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
  • treat the Malaysian Bloggers as partners to move forward together and not to be treated as its enemies.
  • looking forward to seeing that the Malaysian Bloggers could treat the Federal Malaysian government fairly when publishing articles and comments online.
  • improve and upgrade our existing telecommunication high speed broadband services by making further investments to aid the relevant telecommunication companies to eliminate the digital gap between the government and internet using Malaysian public.
Having established that, I for one as a Malaysian Muslim Blogger do feel that the onus is upon those of us who blog for the betterment of our fellow citizens and mankind in general and we ought to exercise self-censorship in order to remain relevant and not be amongst the legions of anonymous cyber-snipers who just post comments as they damn well please disregarding the disastrous impact their irresponsible statement's online can cause to the lives of other responsible internet users!

No doubt that the blog is now quite a formidable tool or platform to express one's own ideas, views and perspectives freely, we are still held accountable to whatever we publish online which can be read and viewed by the online worldwide public. 

Even mainstream media which once used to pooh-pooh away social media, are now getting into the act and are often willing to highlight some of the views of bloggers who they deem to be relevant to the news of the day? Good for them!

Hence, it is fair to take note that just as we are free to blog as we deem fit, we must also be aware that once we press 'Enter' and have our postings published online, there is no undoing of that act and pressing 'backspace' does not erase or undo whatever we have inadvertently published that immediately gets stored permanently into the internet archives? 

The US Congress might have meant well to protect the intellectual rights of content creators who have worked hard to come up with whatever digital products of their own and through which they had meant to earn from but there are still other ways to go about protecting their intellectual property?

Made for commercial gains feature films, music videos, documentaries and the likes can always be embedded with the latest top of the line encryption systems and secured technologies which would stop unscrupulous online digital pirates and illegal downloading of such items.

All it takes is a bit more initiative in safeguarding their rights over their made for sale digital products.

Great quality is said to come with a reasonable price so why shortchange oneself and let all of one's hard work go to waste because one tends to be a penny pincher whilst at the same time wanting to make big money online?

I guess that the SOPA and PIPA Bills proposed by Lamar Smith and gang will soon be a thing of the past until some other shortsighted party takes it up once again to make it their agenda in trying to curb the voices of the free and brave ones online?
Having said all that, I do sometimes wonder why some anonymous spineless tweeps still send me unwarranted comments and try to curb me from speaking my mind freely online whenever I write or publish my thoughts which might differ from theirs just because I do not support or blindly agree with their chosen political candidates for public office?

Aren't we still a democratic country? Free to support or vote for whoever we are inclined towards?

How come that just because one has returned from one's Haj, one now has to supress one's thoughts and ideas to oneself and no longer be free to express oneself through one's own space online such as through this blog?


I guess such spineless dweebs will forever remain as a blotch in this realm of the worldwide web because they are all for their own freedom to wreak havoc and dissension online but not accord others the same freedom to do as they rightfully wish?
Talk about blinkered minds! I guess that's a specialty of the ones who are sort of oblivious to the truth no matter how often it is established and presented to them who adamantly refuse to see and hear any differing viewpoints which doesn't suit their agenda?
Frankly speaking, I don't really care about these cyber trolls who do not have it in them to be upfront as to who they really are and often choose to shoot off their useless comments to others whilst remaining anonymous behind all those pseudonyms and fake id's. 

Unlike some others who don't care as to what kind of feedback that comes into their comment inbox, I have always exercised my rights to keep my blog free from such spam. It's my right, isn't it?

Life my dear fellow internet users is what we make of it? If we are to listen to just every troll out there, we wouldn't be living as we want to? We'd merely be another one of their mindless puppets, wouldn't we? May Allah Forbid!

So, just go with God and blog righteously and responsibly. After all, won't we all will be held accountable for what we publish to the public domain online in the Hereafter, Insya Allah?

Have a blessed Jumaat, dear Muslims. Fee amanillah!

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Andreas said...

''Many other US Congressmen started backing off from the controversial bills that are said to be the prelude to US censorship of the internet going against their own First Amendment ~ Freedom of speech and ideas.'' :´-D

Since 31.Dec. 2011 when Obama feloniously and cowardly signed the 'national defense authorization act ndaa h.r. 1540' the USA is a policestate.

Read the ridiculous statement of the president of the United Wall Street States here:

and read just one of the countless comments of people who understood it right: