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Sunday, January 01, 2012

UPSI Protest ~ Is UPSI a breeding ground for anarchists?

I congratulate the Royal Malaysian Police Force for arresting those who gathered without a permit in front of the UPSI campus at Tanjong Malim today protesting against the University and Colleges Act @ AUKU and had refused to budge when ordered to disperse peacefully as shown in the AntaraPos video above.

This country has laws and such laws must be enforced! Problem makers like the lot of students who gathered yesterday ought to be taught as severe a lesson as the laws permit.

We don't need such hooligans ending up as teachers of our future generations of Malaysians.

Police confirm that the majority of the students hailed from University of Selangor (UNISEL), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and from the Management & Science University (MSU). The main problem maker was the infamous student Adam Adli Abdul Halim (2nd from right in the photo of himself with Anwar Ibrahim) and a female student, both from UPSI itself.

They are obviously pawns of the Malaysian opposition political parties as proven by being led by this chap who is proven to be yet another Anwarista.

Here's evidence that this Adam Adli is a stooge of Anwar Ibrahim's PKR party :
The guy in the red circle is Shamsul Iskandar Mohamad Akin, PKR's Youth Head. Guess this Adam Adli is learning from all the wrong sources. 

Look at the twit from Anwar Ibrahim to Adam Adli:

Here's another proof of support for Adam Adli from a confirmed rabblerouser:

Ambiga Sreenevasan, former Malaysian Bar Council President and head of the BERSIH street protests and the banned Inter Faith Commission proponent.

Source :

Whomsoever goes against the laws of this country must be dealt with firmly without fear or favor. 

They must be processed accordingly as required by the rules of Malaysia or else anarchy will spread and these opposition stooges will get bigheaded and think that they can get away with anything! 

Time to teach these errant students a lesson that they will never forget!

2012 must not be allowed to be a year of lawlessness!
The Royal Malaysian Police must kick ass of all these lawbreakers and enforce the Rule of Law to prevail! 

After all, our nation's Rukunegara @ National Principles states that Sovereignty of the Laws must be upheld.

Do not bow to any ulterior motived NGO's or organizations that are out to wreak havoc in our beloved country.

Whoever tries to be funny, arrest those vermin and throw them into the slammer. That's what police lockups are built for?

Please do not practice 'Catch & Release'. These aren't endangered species. Let them feel the full brunt of the law so as to teach them not to go against our country's laws.

2012 - Time to clean up Malaysia! Get all those troublemakers into jail starting with the ones instigating these students from studying to rabble rousing!


Maarof said...

Salam Tuan Haji,

I was schooled in Tanjong Malim and my former school premises have become part of UPSI. The Tg. Malim Police HQ is situated right in front of UPSI, so when the students demonstrated in front of their university they were in fact doing it right under the cops' noses.

What would you do if your front neighbour made a fracas on the road between your houses? And knowing that you are a law enforcer too.

So in fact the so called undergraduates were provoking the police, at the behest of others of course.

Like a phrase from a P.Ramlee movie 'Salah tempat mahu tunjuk samseng'.

anti bohmau said...

totally agree with you Sir!

"We don't need such hooligans ending up as teachers of our future generations of Malaysians".

i say, better nip the bud before they turn to worse monsters in academic world!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam gentlemen.

Rightly said.

The Royal Malaysian Police Force needs to be led by men who are firm and with fortitude.

There should be no kowtowing to those who break the law. Period.

If and when the need arises, the law should be enforced without fear or favor.

Only then will anarchy be eradicated and our society be safe from all those who are just out to cause trouble.

The justice system needs to be revamped and made up of those who are clean and incorruptible if we are to be a truly progressive and developed nation.

When big shots are left to run riot and only those who are small fry being sentenced severely, then you will get a nation that is full of injustice and resentment.

Time for spring cleaning the establishment from those who are soiled and unworthy of high office.

The Malaysian universities and colleges should be a place where we nurture future leaders and not future goons.

The Royal Malaysian Police Force must see to it that the laws of this country are observed to the letter and arrest all those sowing the seeds of discontent and anarchy in the hearts and minds of these students who have strayed from their original objectives to improve their lives and those of their parents who strived to enroll them into the institutes of higher learning!