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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blasphemous Malay professor confused about Islam!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I came across an article written by a PROF DR MOHAMAD TAJUDDIN MOHAMAD RASDI  where he laments the direction being taken by Dr. Hassan Ali, the former Selangor Exco and now the President of JATI where the latter has been stating that there is a concerted effort by Christians to proselytize Muslims into apostatizing from Islam in this nation.

Among the various issues he raised in his article which I have reproduced in full below are his views with regard to the position of Islam which he claims to be the 'youngest faith' in this world! 

Prof Dr Mohamad Tajuddin states: 'With respect to the third point, I hold to the personal view that all religious faiths are brethrens or siblings, Islam being the youngest in the family. Christianity and Judaism, I view as older brothers with Hinduism being the eldest to my knowledge.
The reformative ideas of Buddhism stems from Hinduism and can be considered part of the same family of religions. I can’t understand why Muslims hate to be viewed in this manner. My article on Malay-Muslims and the Perfect Religion Syndrome explains much of this view.'

I wish to republish the article concerned before it gets removed for the sake of proving my point that the article by the said professor is blasphemous and full of contradictions as to the position of Islam here in this world.

I would also like to warn those of you who are Muslims to not take what the following article contains as to be the truth for IT IS NOT!!!

Here is the full article that has been republished by Free Malaysia Kini:

Christians, Muslims are siblings of the same calling

COMMENT I wish to comment on Dr Hassan Ali’s concern over the alleged attempts of Christian missionaries in converting Muslims. He has alluded to the presence of the men-in-white who are secretly doing Christian ‘dakwah’.
I have known Hassan Ali for a long time and my respect for him was to the extent that I had prayed he would be one of Malaysia’s prime ministers.
I had entrusted my children’s religious and moral training to his ‘summer camp’ programme and I deeply respect him as a man who embodies much of the character of the Prophet.
Needless to say I had wished that I would have had half of his knowlege and perhaps ‘iman’ before I leave this world.
I do not wish to deal with allegations of him coverting the chief ministership of Selangor and that his latest ‘revelation of these Christian men-in-white affair is a tool to put him in the limelight and find favours with leaders of his own racist mindset.
In this essay I wish to put across three important points concerning this matter. My first point is that I find his allegation has little credibility.
My second point is that if Muslims were to have been converted to Christianity, why blame Christians and not our way of interpreting and teaching Islam?
My final point is that, I believe that all religions are like siblings in a family and that I have found great faith in delving into how each and every religion attempts to give solace to man concerning the right way to find happiness in this world and the next.
With respect to the first point, I find it hard to believe that such men-in-white actually exist. Why do I say so? Well after 50 years of living, this the first time I have heard of such a thing. Why have we not heard of this before?
Secondly, I have seen Christians visiting many houses in my housing estate and none of them has ever tried to strike up a converstaion with me or my family about Christianity. I wish they would so that I could invite them in!
I have only had the Tabligh group coming to my house inviting me to the surau or masjid. Once a Chinese lady called at my house and asked: “Hello, ini rumah orang Melayu?” When I said “yes” she said sorry an went away.
Universal act of helping others
I have also seen those whom I think were Christians visiting Orang Asli bearing gifts of food and other life’s necessities. Why should we be angry with the Christians? To me they are practicing what is perhaps a universal act of helping others in order to help our souls.
I have read about this in Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islamic teachings. Universal! Except I do not see Muslims doing so in that manner.
The motivation gurus say that in order to stop anxiety and worry, talk to others who have an even greater problem and your worries or anxieties will become small in comparison.
Professor Dr Eaknath Easwaran says that “we can never make ourselves happy by doing things for ourselves, only the act of kindness and consideration to others will destroy the ego and then truly make us happy”.
Eaknath was of course deliberating from the Bhagavad Gita.
Finally, in a country like Malaysia with a police and military force made up almost entirely of Malay-Muslim population, I hardly think Christians would tempt fate foolishly in being too aggressive in their missionary works.
I think the Christians have great faith in their religion but they are certainly not stupid to do such a thing. So, I find Hassan’s allegation has little credibility, if any at all.
With respect to the second point, what if there were a few or many Muslims who have chosen to convert to Christianity, why must we blame the Christians?
Is it enough and hunky-dory to just pass a law that says no religion can tempt another of different faith to convert to their own? Such simplistic thinking indeed.
When I go to book shops to look for books on Islam to give my children, teenagers and young adults reading materials on Islam, I am at a complete loss since most of the books are too preachy and do not have any interesting presentation format to this kind of users.
In the Malay language, there is hardly any and in English, I would say very feeble attempts.
Our ulamaks can preach long and loud, but they do not know how to speak to our young. Perhaps, we can train the likes of Azril to teach religious values in his many TV shows. He could pull in a big crowd.
Through their songs and novels
When I visit mosques to listen to ceramah and lectures, I am sad to find that their method of delivery is still the same with long-winded explanations without much appeal to the young. Most are without power points and the presentation formats are as dry as the bones of dinosaurs.
Now let us look at the TV shows. Well, there are some interesting ustaz trying to dump down some values to the public but the attempt is still too conservative.
We must have a ‘waktu rehat’ kind of a sit-com that might appeal more and perhaps then ask the ustaz to be more savvy with their moral examples and stories.
I like the books ‘Chicken Soup for …..’ series and we should have this in Islamic frames. Incidently, I love the WALI band that sings religious rock songs and some of these lads were trained in Pasentran or religious schools.
I think Indonesia has a much, much better way at approaching dakwah to the young through their songs and novels. I do not like the dramas that are imported from Indonesia.
Perhaps, there are other religious-based ones that are more interesting but have failed to get pass our religious censor board.
I think we should set up an academy of creative arts and put young men with religious education and train them in the arts and multi-media in order to produce a generation of ‘hip ulamaks’ and make Islam more attractive to our young.
With respect to the third point, I hold to the personal view that all religious faiths are brethrens or siblings, Islam being the youngest in the family. Christianity and Judaism, I view as older brothers with Hinduism being the eldest to my knowledge.
The reformative ideas of Buddhism stems from Hinduism and can be considered part of the same family of religions. I can’t understand why Muslims hate to be viewed in this manner. My article on Malay-Muslims and the Perfect Religion Syndrome explains much of this view.
For me, I find great joy in reading many books about ‘Positive Thinking, Inspiring Messages’ and ‘You Are What You Think’ by the Christian psychologist Dr Norman Vincent Peale. His books have helped me a great deal in dealing with anxiety isssues as well as cultivate a closer relationship with God.
He has virtually eliminated any feeling of resentment on those I find difficult to deal with.
The books of Eaknath on meditation, commentary of the Bhagavad Gita and controlling the mind, help train the mind to focus at will and not let it wander ceaselessly.
His commentary of the Bhagavad Gita teaches me that the path to the love of God is through subjugating the ego and the way to do that is to put others first.
Readings of Islamic religious texts gives me much information but their style is not as exciting and motivational as the books described above, simply because the texts are translation of classical work such as those of Imam Ghazali, Ar-Rumi and Abdul Qadir Jailani.
Two thoughts from YouTube lecture
Only the work of modernists like Dr Aidh in his famous book ‘Don’t Be Sad’ comes close to an easy and consoling motivational work.
Thus, if we view all religions as one big happy family, imagine the resources that we have to tap on in discovering the true meaning of happiness. Let us not get involved into a debate of ‘my religion is true ergo yours is not’.
Some Muslims insist that there must be sombody who is right and somebody that is wrong. Simple. Well, I beg to differ. If you have five children like me, can you claim to love one child less than the others?
I love all of them equally whether one is bad tempered or good natured or what have you, they are all my children.
If you were a parent who can insist that he or she loves one of his or her children more than the others, I am afraid to tell you that you are indeed a ‘bad’ parent to do so.
Finally I wish to summarise what I understand from a YouTube lecture given by Profesor Dr  Muhammad Tahir al-Qudri on ‘Signs that Allah Loves You’. Two things caught my attention.
First, he said that we must annihilate our worldly-selves in order to open our hearts to the divine attributes of love from Allah.
We must disassociate from our love of positions, wealth, popularity and many other vices in order to receive the attributes of the divine. One of the attributes of Allah is that he loves all mankind, whether good or bad, wealthy or poor, Christians or Muslims and so forth.
So, if we Muslims were imbued with his love and attributes we too would love all mankind, whether Muslims or of other faiths. Even Khurram Murad in his book ‘In the Early Hours’ wrote that the Prophet says one of the signs of iman is to love all man for Allah’s sake.
Of course, those who have done wrong with criminal acts must be punished  and we shall hate their deeds but still open our hearts for them if they recite their ‘tauba’ or repentance.
Thus, if all religions teach that love for others is paramount to seeking true happiness and enlightenment, what are we doing mistrusting one another? Which religion is true and which is false? That is the wrong question and certainly the wrong discourse.
We should strive to be the best at attaining the divine attributes of love and care for others in whichever religion we profess, and let every individual choose their own path.
Lao Tze said “the way that can be told is not the eternal way”. Our own paths are ours and ours alone to determine and no one person can make this journey for us except our own self. The journey of a thousand steps begin with our own feet… and not others.
In closing, I wish Hassan Ali well in his career and hope that he can still be one of our great leaders of this country. I still have faith in him to do what is right for others in this country and not for his own selfish calling.
Only then is true leadership born. No self-appointed leader is acknowledged by history nor any that is propped up by parties of vested interests. I plead to Hassan Ali not to stoke the fires of religious and racial hatred in this country for the sake of his and my children and for the sake of all caring citizens of this country.

PROF DR MOHAMAD TAJUDDIN MOHAMAD RASDI is a 23-year veteran academic and teaches architecture at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He specialises in mosque and Islamic architecture particularly that which relates to Malaysia using a hadith-based and socio-cultural approach in order to create the total idea of built environment suited for a whole social structure.
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I'd like to ask the Professor as to what faith Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala taught our Father Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam after having created Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam from earth taken from all parts of the planet by Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam?

What Aqeedah was Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam taught by Allahu Azza Wa Jala Himself?

If we are to take the Professor's words seriously that Hinduism is the oldest religious faith as his statement has been published in Malaysiakini's article here and republished freely here, then I say that Professor Dr Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad has clearly blasphemed against Allahu Ta'ala and committed Syirik al Akbar by associating Allahu Rabbul Alamin with the various deities and idols worshiped by the Kaffirs of this world.

As usual, JAKIM @ Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia which is the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia, Prime Minister's Department would be oblivious to this publishing of an article said to be written or penned by a teaching Professor of Architecture in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Imagine the consequences of his students or followers starting to believe in his blasphemous views that Islam is the youngest faith here on Earth and that Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc are the predecessors of Allahu Ta'ala's Deen for us?

Islam is the first and only revealed faith from Allahu Ta'ala for all mankind.

After Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam passed away, his widespread offsprings started to deviate from his true message of Islam and all these man made faiths started to be imagined by his offspring.

Why do you think there were 124,000 prophets sent to the various tribes of mankind one after another by Allah to guide them back to Al Islam?

In Surah Al Ghafir (Al Mu'min) Chapter 40:78, Allah Azza Wa Jalla states :

Walaqad arsalna rusulan min qablikaminhum man qasasna AAalayka waminhum man lamnaqsus AAalayka wama kana lirasoolinan ya/tiya bi-ayatin illa bi-ithni Allahifa-itha jaa amru Allahi qudiya bilhaqqiwakhasira hunalika almubtiloon
Sahih International
And We have already sent messengers before you. Among them are those [whose stories] We have related to you, and among them are those [whose stories] We have not related to you. And it was not for any messenger to bring a sign [or verse] except by permission of Allah . So when the command of Allah comes, it will be concluded in truth, and the falsifiers will thereupon lose [all].

In Surah Ar Ra'ad Chapter 13 Verse 7, Allahu Ta'ala speaks about those who disbelieve :

Wayaqoolu allatheena kafaroo lawlaonzila AAalayhi ayatun min rabbihi innama anta munthirunwalikulli qawmin had
Sahih International
And those who disbelieved say, "Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord?" You are only a warner, and for every people is a guide.

It is important for those of us who declare ourselves to be Muslims to know that there is no other faith that has been revealed for us except for Islam!

This professor is obviously confused about his knowledge with regard to Islam and he should repent sincerely towards Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for his blasphemy and Syirik al Akbar.

Verily Allah declares that He will forgive us of all our sins except that of Syirik ~ Associating Allah with others in worship.

I wrote about this subject and published it here and have even recorded a video response from the learned Deputy Spiritual Head of PAS Al Fadhil Professor Dato Dr Harun Din Al Haj when I visited him at his home in Bandar Baru Bangi:

Professor Dr Mohamad Tajudin needs to be corrected publicly as he has published his deviant statements blaspheming against Islam and Allahu Ta'ala online and this article of mine is intended to correct the grievous misunderstanding caused by the professor in the very same platform which is on the public realm of the internet.

The professor may have his points about the religious scholars and ulamaks needing to improve on their manners or methods of inviting all Mankind to Islam and to base their callings upon love and compassion but at the same time, he has seriously erred in his understandings about the position of Islam and its origins.

Simple, straight to the point questions to the professor :
  • What faith did Allah teach our Father, the First Man, created up there in Paradise ~ Jannahtul Al Firdaus - not here on Earth?
  • What was the teachings with regard to Aqeedah that Adam Alaihis Salam was taught by Allah?
In Surah Al Baqarah Chapter 2 Verse 213, Allahu Rabbul Alamin states:

Kana annasu ommatan wahidatanfabaAAatha Allahu annabiyyeena mubashshireenawamunthireena waanzala maAAahumu alkitaba bilhaqqiliyahkuma bayna annasi feemaikhtalafoo feehi wama ikhtalafa feehi illa allatheenaootoohu min baAAdi ma jaat-humu albayyinatubaghyan baynahum fahada Allahu allatheena amanoolima ikhtalafoo feehi mina alhaqqi bi-ithnihiwallahu yahdee man yashao ila siratinmustaqeem
Sahih International
Mankind was [of] one religion [before their deviation]; then Allah sent the prophets as bringers of good tidings and warners and sent down with them the Scripture in truth to judge between the people concerning that in which they differed. And none differed over the Scripture except those who were given it - after the clear proofs came to them - out of jealous animosity among themselves. And Allah guided those who believed to the truth concerning that over which they had differed, by His permission. And Allah guides whom He wills to a straight path.
Watch the following video and learn as to what the Jewish Rabbi has to say about Islam's position above all other faiths?

The truth of Islam is evident. It is up to us to have it in us the needed levels of intellect and understandings about true Islam in order to be proper Mukmins and not simply deduce it to be as the same like others?

That kind of screwed up thinking will render one's Iman to be void and invalid!

In Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter 2 Verse 256, Allah the Almighty tells us:

La ikraha fee addeeniqad tabayyana arrushdu mina alghayyi faman yakfur bittaghootiwayu/min billahi faqadi istamsaka bilAAurwatialwuthqa la infisama laha wallahusameeAAun AAaleem
Sahih International
There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.
Professor Dr Mohamad Tajudin is wrong and he needs to recheck what he has believed about Islam being the youngest faith according to his confused deductions?

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala guide him back to the Truth of al Islam and give him a chance to repent. Ameen.

I just wish that any other person or persons intending to write publicly about Islam do their research properly based upon the Al Quran and authentic hadiths before having their personal opinions published online.

Failure to do so will render the blasphemer be guilty of the major Sin of Syirik al Akbar! Na'uzubillahiminzalik!

I will be following up on this with the relevant authorities Insya Allah.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Haji Zainol Abideen @ Mahaguru58
Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Racial profiling in Malaysia ~ Time to nip it in the bud!

Every time we read the news in the paper where it concerns members of the Indian community, chances are that we will hear of those chaps beaten black and blue and some even die in custody before even making it to the courts of justice!

When I came across this news of an Indian mechanic who was wrongfully arrested and bashed till his leg was broken by both members of RELA and the cops at the police station to which he was taken to, I felt both angry and sad that such a situation exists in this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed nation of ours!

Naturally, the HRP @ Human Rights Party or HINDRAF will rise to the occasion and take up this issue as its latest battlecry demanding justice for the victim!

Who else would bother if not them?

In a sense what HRP is demanding is right but at the same time, the HRP can be so delusional and border on insanity in the manner by which they go about demanding this or that from either the Malaysian Government or from the UK, home of the former British Colonials who brought in the Indians to what was once British Malaya to work as coolies in the rubber estates of yore. 
I'm sure that most of you still remember the stunt pulled by Uthayakumar and his orange shirted fellow HINDRAF members where he demanded RM1,000,000.00 for each Malaysian Indian as compensation from the British for bringing them over here to Malaysia (Malaya) and now suffering injustice at the hands of the Malaysian Government (according to him). 

I blogged about it here.

The thing is that it distresses most of us Malaysians to see all these taking place. One trend that I see is that most of these vicious beatings upon the Indian suspects taken into custody at our police stations are generally carried out by the Indians in the police force itself as evidenced in the late Kugan's death whilst being incarcerated in the police lockup and mechanic S.Mogan's case here.

Why does this happen?

Maybe due to the fact that years of indoctrination amongst our Malaysian populace that if we see an Indian and a snake on the road, better whack the Indian first mentality?

I'm not saying that all Malaysian Indians are so infallible and deserve to be left alone or what?

Criminals exist in every community and strata of our Malaysian society regardless of their ethnicity and faith.

To broadly insinuate that all Malaysian Indians can't be trusted and ought to be dealt with as harshly as possible is a gross injustice and goes against the dictates of our Constitution and that of Islam.

The Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam forbade us from discriminating against anyone based upon the color of their skin or social position.

We are now witnessing the 2nd and 3rd generation of Malaysians living in a culture and climate that reeks of racial profiling and the manner by which this injustice is being perpetuated almost daily worries me.

Where do we see this trend of victimizing lead to?

Are we willing to suffer the consequences of our relatively harmonious society explode one day in the near future pitting Malaysians against each other just because we differ from one another ethnically or by faith?
PM Najib's rallying call to unite as 1Malaysia ought to be taken literally and put to practice or it will end up to be just another blatantly rhetoric propaganda exercise?

The tendency to blow things out of proportion that seems to be the HRP @ banned HINDRAF's rallying call ought to be also put to rest and its objectives pursued within the available legal scope and not pit Indians against their Federal Malaysian Government.

There are many ways through which we can start to solve the Indians and other ethnic issues in this country.

Beating suspects senseless before being charged in court ought to be stopped and this tendency be nipped in the bud so to speak! 

Can't say the same for those caught red-handed committing vicious crimes against the Malaysian populace such as murder, assault or rape?

The human emotion can rage uncontrolled due to personal anguish and the need to seek vengeance after suffering any such calamity thus it is understandable if there are some victims who seek retribution against the crooks!

To cap it off, I just ask that we deal with any upcoming issues based upon a case by case basis and not blindly give in to our tempers and let loose upon anyone just because they are different from us in the first place?

We are all the Children of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam and we are enjoined to be kind and considerate towards all without succumbing to the racist instigations coming from those who have vested interests and are just out to further their own selfish agendas.

May we all be blessed and guided in our actions leading to peace and harmony in the real true spirit of Malaysia Boleh!