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Monday, February 27, 2012

Adibaaah's Channel ~ Exemplary Muslim Teenager! Do take care of me!

I applaud this Muslim teenage girl for her initiative in making this video! She is what Islam asks of each and every Muslim to take care of oneself and each other?

Not to abuse or take advantage of those who are vulnerable and naive!

She is what every parent wishes for to have as a daughter!

Be the Change that we want or ask others to do?

Let's start by practicing what we preach or tend to!

Congratulations to Adibaaah's Channel for producing this video! Splendid usage of English too! You are on the right track sis!  Keep it up! 

We love you! @};-

1 comment:

Aiza4t said...

WOW! i'm still young but i have to say that she's everyone's dream child!

well, the closest i can do is get in the same mission as her ;)