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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lesson learned by Mahaguru58! BACKUP! BACKUP!

All these while I had been thinking that I would not be of interest to hackers for I mainly blog informative articles about Islam. How wrong I was!

Yesterday hackers from Israel gave me a wake up call that I will never forget!

Imagine losing 2575 published articles from my blog that I had spent 7 long years in blogging.

Endless studies and research that I put in before publishing anything worth sharing with the online public!

Now, I know that rule no.1 in publishing is to always... BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! before publishing any such precious writings to the public domain because NOBODY!.....

I mean NOBODY will come to our rescue when such a calamity strikes us!

No one can imagine the despair that one goes through in losing all that one has worked so hard for all these years without asking for a single cent in payment from all those who read my work over the years?

Bloggers who copy paste my hard work have no bleeding idea as to how much work I put in before I publish articles to my blog?

I would like to thank Google for helping me to recover my email and blog through their 2 step verification process.

Lesson well learnt! 

All praises be to Allahu Ta'ala! Alhamdulillah!


Supar Yop said...

Nampaknya Yahudi pun berminat dgn blog Mahaguru! Itulah Yahudi, mereka sebenarnya memerharhati kita dari jauh, kita sj tak perasan.TENTANG ARTICLE YG HILANG ITU ADAKAH artikel yg keluar dalam blog ini, munkin Tuan boleh minta dari kami ?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Artikel blog tak hilang tuan! Hackers Israel tu kebas semua kandungan emel saya.

Mungkin nak buat kajian thesis ke ape?

Rahsia Kerajaan tak de dalam emel saya. Biorlah! Ini baru hackers. Belum lagi Munkar dan Naqir! :P

Apa apa pun saya amat bersyukur mendapat kembali blog saya beserta 2575 artikel usaha minda saya sejak 2005!