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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mahaguru58 goes exploring at Sg Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

I have always wanted to go hiking ever since I migrated here to KL and after almost 11 years, I finally got a chance to do that recently.

I came across the KL Hiking Group online and immediately joined the group as a member. It is open to all and there are no membership fees to be paid. Registered members get constant feedback and updates about upcoming hikes and can plan in advance in order to be able to join.

A cyclist speeding along the road on his way uphill
Such a beautiful sight in the early morning with mists caressing the treetops of the hills of Kuala Kubu Bharu

The Sg Selangor Dam was just a pleasure to behold!

Here are the rest of my photos of my recent hike cum photo-shoot in the jungles of Kg Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Khidr (L) and Ridzuan (R) joined me in my inaugural hike into the jungles of Kuala Kubu Bharu. We started our hike from Kg Pertak, the Orang Asli village off Kuala Kubu Road on the way to Frasers Hill.

Khidr is a lecturer teaching Agriculture at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Ridzuan is his friend. Both came along without a specific destination in mind and that suited me very well to have them as companions for my first trek into the forests here.

The iron bridge with its swaying metal sheet flooring is our initiation passage into the jungles beyond. The Orang Asli's use it to ride their motorcycles across into the forests to harvest forest produce.
My turn to pose for the camera. What's a trip such as this without these photos, eh? Photos help preserve the memories for us to look back and view them once the journey is over.
When I was crossing this bridge, the popular Dean Martin song 'Sway' came to mind...hehehehe..
Some men were fishing at the edge of these giant boulders alongside the raging river..
On our left as we strode along the swaying bridge, I saw this stream gurgling out its waters to join the main river. Nature at its best. Refreshing, life giving water from the forests.
There were plenty of ferns carpeting the entire area left and right of us as we trudged along whilst I stopped here and there to shoot these sights and scenes for us to enjoy.
It will be suicide for anyone to attempt a swim in that raging river! You can be the best swimmer in the world but you are no superman able to survive those treacherous currents!
Its always good to be able to shoot plants and unobjecting subjects such as this fern's tendril. Some folks just shy away from the camera as if we are going to steal away their soul? Sheer poppycock if I may so!
Ridzuan turning around to check what this old blogger is doing? 
I was busy capturing these photos for you as well as for me. :P
If there's anything that stresses my heart out is the sight of trees being felled and that hurts! Why do people do this? 
Kill the life force that God has put for us in these precious and valuable forests that nurture and provide for us?
We came across this tree that had fruits looking like the Duku! We tasted one and found it to be sweet and sour. Not very encouraging I say...
Not too palatable.. Even the monkeys won't go nuts over it!
The forest was getting thicker. It feels so reassuring to know that we are in a group venturing forth into unfamiliar territories....
Slippery uphill trail was a challenge for this old blogger but because I had this burning desire to go explore, I took it all in my stride and wish to one day go climb a mountain and perform my prayers atop a wind swept summit!
Insya Allah, one day I will!!!
Overtapped rubber tree! Must be the Orang Asli's handiwork? :P
That looks like a butchered bark! Don't these tappers know the right ways to tap their rubber trees or just don't bother to learn as to how? :(
Uncollected latex gathered in its cup and filled to the brim with rainwater...
Coagulated rubber latex..frozen stiff in its journey towards the waiting cup...
Another cup of rainfilled cup of latex....Your future racing tyre, etc....
Tall, towering bamboos reaching up towards the sky...
The Penang Chinese Chingay troupe would love these bamboos....
The forest canopy blocking out the sun in daylight. 
Imagine being here at night? No lights....
Jackfruit ~ Nangka anyone? Seems that something had been feasting here..
At least, the monkeys should have waited till the fruit ripened??? 
See...still raw...
Crime Scene Investigations....the monkeys did it! Hehehehe...:P
Crime scene..another tree felled needlessly!

I was enjoying myself taking lots of photos and exploring the area that day.
Green, green,

Will share more photos of my trip later...Insya Allah!