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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mahaguru58 hiked up Klang Gates Dam Trail!

Yesterday, Mahaguru58 joined 73 other hikers from the KL Hiking Group to hike up the Klang Gates Dam trail starting from the hills of Kemensah, behind the Zoo Negara.

Can you spot ol' Mahaguru58 in this photo? Photo by Satvinder Kaur.

It was my first ever proper hike with an organised group. This hike was rated at 2.3. That's myself posing with the organizer Mr. Alex and Brother Karpiya who helped me so much during this hike. Thank you so much!
Nothing beats the satisfaction of being high up there on the hills and enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of nature at its best.
Mission accomplished! The lake was however greenish and I for one refrained from jumping in although a few hikers did!

This is a graph showing our hike prepared by our Hike Organizer and Leader, Mr. Alex :
I would like to thank Brother Robinson, Brother Karpiya and Brother Alex for assisting me in my inaugural hike! You guys rock!
Hehehehe...I am tickled by this cartoon. I can seriously relate to it! :P


Emmanuel said...

Is this tougher than Bkt Saga bro? Longer trail kan?

MAHAGURU58 said...

I wouldn't know bro. I have yet to go climb any of the other hills or mountains here.

All I know is that I wanna go for more!

Hijaz Kamal said...

Salam mr mahaguru, i live near wangsa maju but never know of such treasure existed!!i hiked up bukit tabur but my exploration of the wilderness of the titiwangsa stopped there....can you tell where the trail it at the jinbara camp?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Kamal,

The trail starts just before Teratak Angah. It is way past Jinbara's port.

See the photo here:

Here we are starting the hike:

The reward :