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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day ~ February the 14th ~ What's love got to do with it? :P

'What's love got to do with it?' 80's American pop diva Tina Turner asked her legions of fans this question through her hit song which is featured in the video above! 

February the 14th has morphed into a day when those who do business dealing with flowers, chocolates, restaurants, greeting cards rub their hands in glee anticipating their cash registers to go 'Ka Ching' as in Shania Twain's catchy song of star-crossed lovers going bonkers in wooing their equally gone heady beaus!

Well, last Friday, the Khatib standing at his pulpit, warned us all not to fall into the trap of this Valentine's Day thingy! 

Shared something about the day being a celebration of the fall of Spain to the Crusaders. 

As for the links to Christianity, this site proves such claims and although the Vatican doesn't really give full backing to such a vaguely known saint according to their faith, it is still kept as a commemoration of the little known St.Valentine in the Roman Catholic Church's observance by its traditionalists.

Pastor Ken Swiger
A Christian Pastor by the name of Ken Swiger wrote and published an article questioning Biblical Christians as to whether they should observe such an idolatrous occasion such as this St.Valentine's Day here in his website!

Imagine that? Yet we have here in our midst, Malaysian Muslim couples ignorantly aping those ignorants amongst the Christians themselves who go on and celebrate such a day out of the imagined and fabricated day to celebrate romance!

We who are Muslims are enjoined by our faith to be the best towards our loved ones throughout our life and through the years. Not just put up an act of being so lovey dovey for a day and then go on and be a pain in the ass for all those who mean so much to us the rest of the year? No Sirree!!! Muslims must be true to their faith at all times!

There is no religion which encourages its followers to love and care for one another more than what Islam does? This applies at all times and in all circumstances, not just on one particular day. Indeed, Islam encourages us to express our emotions and love to those whom we care for at all times!

The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihi Wassallam said: “If a man loves his brother, let him tell him that he loves him.” (narrated by Abu Dawood, 5124; al-Tirmidhi, 2329;Hadith Sahih).

And he also said: “By the One in Whose hand is my soul, you will not enter Paradise until you truly believe, and you will not truly believe until you love one another.  Shall I not tell you of something that, if you do it, you will love one another? Spread (the greeting of) Salam amongst yourselves.” (Narrated by Muslim, 54)

Yet today, when we go pray at the masjids, we see Muslims who after completing their prayers, get off and go their ways only to stop and greet those whom they know in person and conveniently ignore the rest of the congregation. 

This was foretold by the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to be one of the Minor Signs of the coming of Doomsday!

Sometimes, when I hold out my hand in Salam to my fellow Muslims in the masjid, they are often taken aback and seem surprised! I just smile and give them my Salam and only then will most of them react and respond accordingly! :P

Some will give their hand in Salam but then look elsewhere whilst I will go on and grip their hand and not let go till their gaze returns to look at me and when they are not smiling, I'll tell them to do so and remind them of the Hadith of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam of the adab of giving and receiving Salam!

It is now a dire necessity for those of us who have come to learn of the Sunnah of the Blessed Messenger to remind our fellow Muslims and teach them in turn.

This Valentine's Day is not of any Islamic observances and we need to advise our fellow Muslims against celebrating it unknowingly grouping themselves to be that of the Kuffar!

As far as we who are Muslims need to be concerned is that we are forbidden by our faith to acknowledge or join the kuffars in any of their faith's beliefs or practices.

Problem being for current day Muslims especially for those here in Malaysia, there is a tendency for those who are Muslims just in name or ignorant about the do's and don'ts of the Principles of Islam or know nothing much about the rulings concerning the true Creed @ Aqeedah of a Believer, they will just blindly ape whatever seems to be the fashion or the 'in thing' of the day?

It doesn't make no difference to them whether this or that occasion, event or celebration can render their self's as being grouped together with the Christians or who the hell ever?

I will not dismiss off the root cause of all this ignorance leading back to the very person or persons who claim to be the leaders of the Muslims in their own separate platforms of authority!

There are just too many couldn't care less authorities presiding over the affairs of the Muslims of Malaysia who do not really practice what they tend to preach or pretend to be doing so?

There are not many whom we can relate to or follow in the true sense of pledging our allegiance to as our rightful Amir's or Head's of Faith and State here in religiously befuddled Malaysia.

In the time of the Khilafah Ar Rasyidin, the Head's of Faith of the Muslims back then were really people of knowledge. 

They were amongst the true Companions of the Greatest Messenger of Allah, the blessed Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

They practiced all that the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam taught them and they researched and studied in earnest of all the authentic hadiths ~ Sayings of the Prophet and they counter-checked with each other as to its roots and authenticity.

Today, there are not that many or even none who will dare do all this? There is usually not a squeak or even a whimper that emanates from the throat of anyone who claims to be in charge of the Muslims here in 'Islamic State' ~ Malaysia.

I can't for the sake of justice pinpoint the blame on only one person even if I can easily do so and show my finger to the direction of the National Palace where Malaysia's Supreme King resides! His Majesty is said to be the 'Head of Islam' for all Muslims in Malaysia.

The Supreme King of Malaysia @ Yang Di-Pertuan Agong is not a religious scholar. His religious advisers are best described to be but a mirage as far as advising the Monarch as to matters concerning the religion of Islam is concerned? 

Yet all these people are very highly paid out of the nation's coffers but still they do not come forth and clear the matter concerning any of the issues however controversial or detrimental to our nation's Muslims creed are concerned!

The edicts or fatwa's issued forth by the National Fatwa Council are ignored by many and at best described just like the ripples upon the stagnating pool of human indifference here in Bolehland.

Day by day, we all get to witness and read about the increasing number of reports of so called Muslims here in Malaysia getting caught doing all kinds of sins and at times even do so worse than those who are Kaffirs.

I am somewhat surprised that Malaysia is not suffering from major catastrophes that strikes many of those nations that have been almost destroyed by one natural disaster after another?

Is Almighty Allah giving us a reprieve pending the awakening of the ruler's commonsense or just waiting to unleash Yaum al Qiyamah upon us in the very near future for all of the Minor Signs of Doomsday has already taken place in our time now?

Just for your convenience, here are those 72 Minor Signs that would appear before Doomsday foretold by our blessed Messenger of Almighty Allah, the Final Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam:

  1. People will leave prayer or be lackadaisical about it;
  2. People will usurp Amanat @ Trust;
  3. Lying will become an art;
  4. There will be murders on the slightest of disagreements;
  5. Interest @ Riba will become common;
  6. There will be very tall buildings~skyscrapers;
  7. People will sell Religion for the world;
  8. People will treat their relatives badly;
  9. Justice will become a rarity;
  10. Lies will be considered as truth;
  11. Clothes will be of silk;
  12. Persecution will become common;
  13. Divorces will become common;
  14. Sudden deaths will increase;
  15. The usurper of Amanat will be considered honest and honourable;
  16. The keeper of Amanat will be called an usurper of things given to him for safekeeping;
  17. Liars will be thought of as honest;
  18. Honest people will be thought of as liars;
  19. False accusations will become the norm;
  20. It will be hot in spite of rain;
  21. Instead of wishing for children, people will pray that they not have children;
  22. People from bad backgrounds and with bad upbringing will live a life of luxury (material, not peaceful);
  23. Good people, when they try to practice, will be cut off from the world;
  24. Previously good people will also usurp Amanat~Trust;
  25. Leaders will become persecutors;
  26. Ulama and Qaris will commit adultery;
  27. People will wear clothes of animal skin;
  28. But their hearts will smell and will be dead;
  29. And will be bitter;
  30. Gold will become common;
  31. Demand for Silver (Money) will increase;
  32. Sin will increase;
  33. Peace will become rare;
  34. Ayaats from the Quran will be decorated and calligraphy will become common;
  35. Mosques will be decorated;
  36. And will have tall minarets;
  37. But (Muslim) hearts will be empty;
  38. Alcoholic drinks will be consumed;
  39. Punishments ordered by the Shariah will be revoked and will no longer be implemented;
  40. Women will order their mothers around;
  41. People who are with naked feet, naked bodies and against religion will become kings;
  42. Women will trade along with men;
  43. Women will imitate men ~ Transgenders..;
  44. Men will imitate women ~ Transexuals;
  45. People will swear by things other than Allah and the Quran;
  46. Even Muslims will be prepared to give false testimony, without being incited to it;
  47. Only people one knows will be greeted with the salaam;
  48. The knowledge of the shariah will be used to earn worldly things;
  49. Acts which earn rewards promised in Akhirat will be used to earn the rewards of this world;
  50. Assets belonging to the nation will be considered and treated as personal treasures by the rulers;
  51. Amanat ~ Trusts will be considered ones personal asset;
  52. Zakat will be considered as a penalty;
  53. The lowest and the worst man in the nation will become its leader;
  54. People will not obey their fathers;
  55. And will mistreat their mothers;
  56. And will not hold back from harming their friends;
  57. And will obey their wives;
  58. And the voices of men who commit adultery will be raised in mosques;
  59. Women who sing will be treated with great deference;
  60. Instruments of music will be kept with great care;
  61. Alcohol will be drunk on the highways;
  62. People will be proud of their acts of persecution;
  63. Justice will be sold in the courts;
  64. The number of men in the police force will increase;
  65. Instead of music, the Quran will be used to gain pleasure for its tune and style (qira'at), not for what it preaches, its meaning or for rewards in the Akhirah;
  66. Animal fur will be widely used;
  67. The last of the Ummat will curse those before them (clearly seen today in people who call the Prophet's companion's unsavory names);
  68. Either Allah will send a Red Storm upon you;
  69. Or Earthquakes;
  70. Or your faces will be changed;
  71. Or a rain of rocks from the skies~ Asteroids, Meteors;
  72. Lies will become a habit of the rulers and the rich.
The Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wassallam also said:
  1. Alcohol will be called Sherbat, and will be considered Halal;
  2. Interest ~ Riba will be called Trade and will be considered Halal;
  3. Bribes will be called Gifts and will be considered Halal;
  4. Women will be naked in spite of wearing dresses.
(This Hadith has baffled the Ulama' for a very long time until now)

The kind of naked women are:
  1. Those who wear see-through @ transparent dresses
  2. Those who wear tight dresses;
  3. Those whose dresses are so short that they expose the body;
  4. Women will have hair like the hump of a camel.
This hadith too had baffled the Ulama for quite a long time till they saw the current latest ladies hairstyles.

Nowadays, those towering coiffures are wrapped in a hijab but still looking very much like the camel humps! :P

Back to the subject at hand. Valentine's Day.

Our nation's National Fatwa Council has ruled against MUSLIMS celebrating it!

Malaysian Non Muslims are free to do so! 

Heck! I call upon the protesting MCA to go celebrate with Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang & gang with all that they can muster and have a jolly good time together today!

MCA's Secretary General Dato Seri Kong Cho Ha should not forget to order a garland just like that humongous one which the MIC presented to Mr.PM Mohd Najib and his ever present wifey at the Batu Caves Thaipusam Day!

Order a damn big one made of red roses Dato Seri!!! The MCA can afford it! All Big Towkay ma!!!

Kingg Karpal Singh
Chairman of the DAP
Now, that will surely make Kingg Karpal Singh smile and be filled with happiness! Go on! Kong Cho Ha! Make his day!!! :D

No one is stopping any of Malaysia's Non Muslim population from celebrating this Valentine's Day or whatever else?

The country's Islamic authorities are just reminding the observing Muslims who abide by our faith's rulings and principles not to follow suit in this obviously made now for commercial gains festivities!

You are free to go Yam Seng or whatever other things you wanna do on this day IF you are not a Muslim!

That's all that JAKIM is saying! If you are a Muslim and still wanna celebrate, just be ready to answer for your misdeeds in the Akhirat. That is if you still believe in it?

Cheers! :)

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