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Friday, February 24, 2012

Wal Asr! Verily Mankind is in a loss!

Sahih International
By time,

Inna al-insana lafee khusr
Sahih International
Indeed, mankind is in loss,

Illa allatheena amanoowaAAamiloo assalihati watawasaw bilhaqqiwatawasaw bissabr
Sahih International
Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

Surah Al Asr. Blessed Quran.
How very true!

Today, I shared my views with a friend on Facebook whereby I passed a general remark saying that most of the youth of today especially those amongst the Muslim ummah are just wasting away their precious time on worldly pursuits such as being mad about football; crazy about motorbikes, etc and this led to one of his mates who doesn't know me nor I of him to ask me why I had lambasted those who are crazy about such sports?

I replied that I was making an observation based upon the realities of today and wasn't referring per se to that stranger in the first place.

I reiterated that I had no interest in arguing about the matter with such a stranger and stated that he just do what he pleased and not to engage in further dialogue with me.

Such is the sorry state of affairs as far as the Muslim ummah here in Malaysia is concerned.

This being the Akhirul Zaman ; not many are willing to face the facts and accept that at any given moment, any of us will be called back to our Maker in a split second.

The very first thing that the Angels of the Grave will ask us will not be:

  • Are you an UMNO or PAS, PKR or DAP member?
No sirree! Hell, they wouldn't even give a hoot about whether one is a Tuanku, Tengku, Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Dato or what the hell ever?

They couldn't care less if you are a bleeding billionaire , tycoon or what ever?

Little would they be interested whether you are a Human Rights activist or even a diehard Reformasi Kaki?

The first thing that the Angels Munkar and Naqir Alaihis Salam would ask us is:

'Maa Rabbuka?' meaning 'Who's your Lord?'

Hello!!! Did you get that?

The Malaikats of Allah in the Grave couldn't care less if you are a Red Warrior's fan or the Selangor Giants, Manchester United loyal or Chelsea, Liverpool or just any bloody football team diehard fan!

They would not bother to know that you are one of the most gila gila kaki of this or that over here on Earth.

All that they would want to know is whether you are a Mukmin or a Kaffir?

Your being chummy with this or that Minister or artist won't score any points with them either.

For sure bro.

This is not Lawaking ; Raja Lawak or whatever Lawak tv program dear sir's.

This is among the most important things they wll ask. 

It's not Pop Quiz either.

You better be damn sure that you know how to answer them?

The wrong answer my friend will see you smashed to smithereens 70 meters deep!

Fuyoo! You don't wanna experience that! No sir you don't.

Even the slightest hammer blow here on Earth will leave us black and blue not to mention the pain that you will face when hammered by Munkar and Naqir, my man!

No! No! No!

Touch wood or whatever you wish. You better memorize and learn this.

The answer is : My Lord is Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Answer with a firm believing heart and insya Allah you will have passed with flying colors. :)

The wrong answer or the slightest hesitation will see you experience that cartoon like smashing with all kinds of stars coming out of your smashed head and getting walloped like hell so deep under is surely not an experience any of us would ever wish to go through?

Unless you are really a sado-masochistic fiend and love to get smashed?


Jokes aside, let's move on to the reality that there are questions that will be asked of us in the grave after we are dead and buried?

This remaining moments we have here on Earth shouldn't be wasted on idle pursuits such as what I mentioned about earlier?

We will be asked about :
  1. Who's our Lord?
  2. Who's our Prophet?
  3. Who's our Imam?
  4. What's our Qiblat?
  5. Who's our friends?
These are what Islam teaches us about the Questions in the Grave?

I call upon each Muslim reading this to help teach those who have yet to learn about it?

Teach your wife and kids about this and make sure that all of those under your own authority are well aware of all these and strive to live life as true Muslims and not those who are so just in name!

The consequences of not knowing the answers to the above will see us in deep trouble. Really!

No one's joking about it. If there are some idiots making fun of these damn serious matters, then believe me that they won't be cracking jokes in the hereafter.

Its their skulls that would get cracked by the hammers of Malaikats Munkar and Naqir Alaihis Salam.

May Allah guide us all.


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