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Sunday, February 12, 2012

When Hudud is turned into a joke in Malaysia, crime becomes so rampant!

I ask that each and every lawmaker or person in authority here in Malaysia watch each and every second of this video and then reflect or contemplate as to what you have done in your position of authority to prevent crimes like this?

Especially those of you who have the authority to uphold and impose the true Syariah laws of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala that He has entrusted upon you!

Those of you who are magistrates, judges, law enforcement officers ~ think very carefully as to whether you have done what you are supposed to do to curb these kind of crimes?

Seeing these thieves carry out such crimes whilst being in clothes that depict them as Muslims makes me feel so ashamed, sad and pissed off at the same time!

I seriously hope that the Royal Malaysian Police will track these thieving family down and see to it that justice is really done!


Andreas said...

Shoplifting, dear brother Zainol, is a phenomenon within and the result of our society.

Lure a dog with a little piece of meat. Just make his mouth water.
No matter whether he is hungry or not.
If you aren't quick enough, you probably will miss parts of your fingers beyond the meat.

Day by day, nearly without interruption, we all are assailed with advertisement.

Advertisement is aimed to create needs for things which we do NOT need.

However, to the producer this completely makes no difference. He wants to transform his garbage into gold.
At all costs.

Also and particularly of the price of theft.
Theft is always sales-rising - from the producers point of view.
Next time he can sell the more and problems of the little shopkeeper are all the same to him.

To make this clear.
A theft is a theft and must be punished.

However, it is not the thief (see dog) who is guilty alone.

MAHAGURU58 said...

That does not excuse this thieving family if they are so to go around plundering as they please!

Whether there are goods or items before our eyes that tempts us so much is not the question!

As Muslims, we must always be sincere and be upstanding members of society.

Those who steal out of greed and not forced by hunger ought to be dealt with the Syariah Laws of Allah which is missing from this nation's legal systems.