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Thursday, March 15, 2012

After Sales Service is just a mirage in Malaysia!

Have I stated what most of us grumble about almost daily without fail here in Bolehland?

It is from years and years of suffering from a severe apathy on the part of most Malaysian business outlets and shops that I come to this obvious conclusion!

Most of the Malaysian businesses employ ill-informed or seriously lacking of product knowledge sorry excuses that they call or pass on to us as staff!

You see them in almost every business outlet at the malls and shopping centres. It would be nothing short of a miracle if you do get served by someone who knows his or her stuff and it would be an added bonus if that person has common courtesy to boot?

You'd have hit the jackpot to be served or attended to by someone nice and pleasant when shopping here in Malaysia!

Let me relate to you my misery recently when trying to get a local domain selling company's staff to assist me in configuring one of my websites which I set up after purchasing the domain name.

The live chat staff wasn't that knowledgeable about what I was asking for and like a bloody mechanized robot kept telling me that he was sorry ~ so and so company does not provide web designing?

For crying out loud!!! I had no freaking wish to engage them in designing my website!!! I was just asking him to pass me on to their technical side in order to configure the settings of my domain so that I can host it with Blogger!

That's all! Yet the obviously 'clueless' and on a different plane of thought dumbo was giving me the runaround!

No wonder that the major cause of death here in Malaysia is said to be from heart attacks! Who wouldn't drop dead when having to deal with these incompetent weirdos who try to pass themselves off as sales professionals???

It's enough to send some people into a murderous rage and slaughter these 'les miserables' to 'kingdom come'!

That's just one instance.

Try imagining how it is in all the other aspects of the local Malaysian sales and businesses out there? 

No wonder that those who can afford to shop overseas keep hightailing it out of here?
Dealing with these halfbaked 'Excue me ..can I hepchu? dimwits can be like putting your poor old heart at risk of giving up and stop altogether because it can just take no more!

Yet they have the gall to spam our emails with this and that promotion or special offers daily!

Don't these folks want repeat sales? How can they expect us to return and patronize their business if they treat us like shit in the first place?

I'd never go back to any shop, business or service center that doesn't treat me right the first time. No matter what!
We need to teach these useless Bolehland lousies a lesson that they'll never forget.

Hit them where it hurts.

Their cash registers.

We need to boycott any establishments that fail to provide good service to all their customers. 

Maybe we could start a website of businesses to avoid due to poor service?

What do you think?


STEEST said...

I think you have a good idea there. We should aim to increase the performance of service staff. Only competent people should be employed.

Those that lack training should go for refresher courses.

MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be upon you dear Sis STEEST!

I've always known that we think alike and appreciate life as it should be?

Its a pity that we are a minority if not this nation of ours could be a better place to live in?

Good values and sense of responsibility are becoming as rare as a flawless diamond.

What we can do is to raise public awareness about it through our blogs and encourage others to adopt it as well.

Be safe and well dear Sis!

Peace be with you n yr loved ones.


Andreas said...

Yesterday I`'ve seen a job-offer:

Shop assistant wanted!
6 days a week.
From 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.
45,-- MYR a day

(This is 3,75 MYR per hour (My pocket calculator told me because I'm not payed for thinking.). It's a tip, no salary.)

A German shepherd is more expensive, frankly speaking.

Who could expect to get qualified staff for pittance? Who would be dedicated for a handout?

Malysia needs a reasonable minimum wage regulation.
As soon as employers have to pay real money for qualified workers, they won't deploy dimwitted living mannequins.

But this is just one part of the problem.

The very same experience I could gain with the shopkeepers themselves.
Clueless, rude, cheeky and treacherous.

You said:
''I'd never go back to any shop, business or service center that doesn't treat me right the first time. No matter what!''

I do the same.

The problem is, there aren't too much shops left.

Even though the idea to start a website of businesses to avoid due to poor service is both very necessary and very promising, prudence must be exercised.

Nobody wants to have too close contact to the prosecutor because of being accused of business damage.

There are always two in charge.
The one who told the story AND the webmaster!

It'll be a major challenge to solve this quagmire.