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Monday, March 19, 2012

HK School football match turns ugly

An English Schools Foundation (ESF) Caucasian schoolboy who willfully kicked a Chinese schoolboy's head in an Under-12 football match between the ESF and rival Kitchee Escola was arrested by the Hong Kong Police when the victim's parents lodged a police complaint against him.

The matter has now turned into a heated race row over there in Hong Kong with many Chinese in the former British colony calling for the English 'Gweilo's to get out of Hong Kong! 

'Gweilo' is a derogatory term used by the Cantonese to refer to the Caucasians as the 'white devils'!

Here's a video of the match showing clearly the 10 year old Caucasian schoolboy going for the fallen Chinese schoolboy's head instead of aiming for the ball!

Video's don't lie! That was a deliberate kick aimed at the head of the Chinese schoolboy! Seems like history tends to repeat itself?

The days when the British used to run riot in the Far East seems to have made a return over there in Hong Kong when an English brat thought nothing of going in and kicking a Chinese schoolboy in his face!!!

This news has gone viral worldwide:

Kind of reminds me of the Bruce Lee films 'The Way of the Dragon', 'The Big Boss', 'Fists of Fury' where the legendary Kungfu superstar stood up for the downtrodden Chinese and kicked the 'Gweilo's ass to kingdom come!

Racism is everywhere in this world and we can't pretend it's not there?

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