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Sunday, March 25, 2012

PKR ... Are these the kind of people you want running Malaysia?

Watching these PKR gangsters harassing and taking over the field disrupting a children's soccer practice just irritates me so much that I am forced to mute my computer's speakers!

Bloody annoying, in your face power crazy shriekers driving the soccer coach nuts is just an indication of the devastating catastrophe that these anti-establishment horde will unleash upon this befuddled nation IF the Malaysian voters screw up and vote wrongly this 13th GE!

You've heard the expression 'Shiver me timbers!' uttered by the pirates in the movies!

These shriekers are causing many YouTube viewers to have a spine chilling trepidation scaring the shit out of them!

I know that I'd stay way away from these power crazed delirious crowd when they come rampaging to the election stations and I am resolved not to make the same mistake I did in the 12th GE when I thought Khalid Ibrahim would bring some change to my Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary!

He hasn't!

There are potholes getting bigger in Bandar Sri Permaisuri due to the PKR Selangor MB's blowing hot air ever since we made a humongous blunder voting him into power!

Watch the video again to have an idea of how these horde will be when and if they manage to seize power?

I have said it before. I'll say it again! Never make the same mistake again!


usabukata said...

i do not know what to say.
saya tak tahu nak cakap apa.

mamasita said...

AsSalam Tuan Haji..obviously this coach yang kasar menjerit kat the ladies knowing it's mosly ladies who are doing the demonstrations.
My question..kalau dah tahu ada dem0 kat situ, why not cancel the football coaching siang2.
Don't say dia tak tahu..he has siapkan U-Tube.

Rasanya the Indian coach was purposely rude.Even though these Muslim ladies are routing for the opposition, takderlah muka2 macam gangster..I am surprise you call them gangsters.

They had to talk back loudly because the non-Muslim coach yang macam gangster herdik2 diaorang..sorry.

I don't think you have been fair this time in your judgement.Wassalam.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam mamasita,
Assuming that the coach knew of whatever plans for their shrieking day out is not a wise thing to do or say!

No school soccer coach would want to endanger his team for whatever reason.

Perhaps you have overlooked the fact that it is those loudmouths who were practically terrorizing the poor coach!

I can't for the life of me agree with you on this sis.

Too loud and too brash for my taste!

Obnoxious is more like it!

MAHAGURU58 said...

I do not condone such verbal acts of gangsterism no matter who does it!

I don't care too much for ladies or men who are so obtrusive and care not for the peace and harmony of our fellow citizens.

These disturbers of the peace ought to have been arrested and charged for causing mayhem at the field where schoolchildren were already there for their soccer practice!

yat said...

you obviously miising the plot mamasita, consider they have book in advanced and pay for it, and it's weekend, and this illegal gathering just storm out from nowhere, why they have to cancel footbal practice? for me well done coach, the safety of those kid playing football that day is much more important than those purple gangster...and please don;t relte it with muslim whatsoever, it's embarrassing!!