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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

8.7 Richter Scale Earthquake off North Sumatra!

Did you feel the tremors which took place after the Asar prayers just now?

I was asked by my missus as to whether I had felt the shakes and as I was answering her that I had felt slight shakes, the tremors started to get really harder and it went on for quite a few more minutes!

I promptly logged in to the United States Geological Survey website and discovered that the 8.7 on the Richter Scale underwater earthquake had taken place at an area in the sea off North Sumatra at Indonesia.
The coordinates of the quake site are 2.348°N, 93.073°E at a depth of 32.0km under the sea.

I must say that the USGS are the best in the business of monitoring global seismic activities.

At least, the world's citizens will know what hit us and what steps we need to take to prevent the Dec 2004 Tsunami disaster that drowned 280,000 over people in Banda Acheh and hundreds of thousands more lives throughout the region! 

Let's all pray that there won't be a repeat of that devastating and deadly tsunami coming up after this 8.7 strong undersea earthquake!

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