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Thursday, April 05, 2012

MICCAF demanding Justice from ASTRO and Media Prima ~ This is no Tamil Drama!

Jasmin Abdul Wahab
On March the 27th, I had a roundtable talk with two leading members of MICCAF. Namely Puan Jasmin Abdul Wahab, a local Malaysian Producer & Director owning her own production house here in Kuala Lumpur and Mr.NS Krishna, another Producer & Director doing his business in the Malaysian Indian Creative Content industry as well.
L to R : Jasmin Abdul Wahab, Haji Zainol Abideen @ Mahaguru58 and NS Krishna
For those of you who might be wondering what the MICCAF-ASTRO-MEDIA PRIMA issue is all about; you might want to hear out what the local Malaysian Indian Creative Content Action Force are all riled up about?

Dr Rajamani Chellamuthu, ASTRO's Snr VP
Content Management Group Head
They cry out of having been sidelined purposely by Dr Rajamani Chellamuthu, ASTRO's Content Management Group's Senior Vice President! 

Dr. Rajamani is an Indian national and it is he who has been calling the shots for the last 17 years as to which local Malaysian Production Companies gets film or TV drama projects?

MICCAF are crying out loud that they have been sidelined and our local talents are finding it more and more difficult to get jobs and opportunities ever since Dr.Rajamani has been favoring Made in India productions which are flooding the various Indian TV channels with content that is extremely violent, rubbish storylines, against Malaysian social and family oriented values and totally not suitable to be viewed by our local Malaysian Indian populace!

This is what MICCAF states about this long ongoing injustice being perpetrated against the more than 5000 local Malaysian creative artistes and professional talents who are forced to seek other jobs as a result of the local Malaysian Indian Creative Industry getting constipated due to the Kollywood Kingpin's chokehold on them from getting more projects which they rightfully deserve? 

MICCAF's grouses are well grounded and hold water! 

If we are to assess what the Made in India productions are all about, we can't escape from having to grimace watching the ever increasing levels of violence and gore being depicted in their Indian based films and tv dramas!

Even local production houses who are in the good books of the said Indian expat produce equally violent films not wanting to lose out on the gore and violence being shown in most of the Made In India film productions!

What effect will all these violent movies have when shown on the cinema and satellite television screens?

Naturally, human tendencies to ape what they watch and remember on the silver and television screens will be put to play in the real life!

How many times have we not come across those young impressionable youths of our land imitate the styles and gimmicks of the Indian filmstars such as Rajnikanth or try to act out what the Ilaiya Thalapathi Vijay portrays in his violent films?

Here is a Made in Malaysia Tamil movie following the genre of those vicious Made in India Tamil movies MICCAF is talking about:

What values are these type of movies teaching their viewers?

Ways to progress in life and up the business success achievement ladders or ending up battered, broken and bruised lifeless in the nation's gutters and back alleys? You tell us!

It is getting to be more and more bone crunching violence that grabs the attention of those seeking mindless thrills and stay open eyed in the cinemas and halls of the entertainment seeking masses!
Glorifying death and destruction Tamil Made in India movie poster
The bloodier it is depicted in the movies, the bigger will be the crowd of eager cinema goers who are ready to fork out more of their hard earned cash just to escape into a couple of hours of an ever intoxicating world of mindless fiction that pummels its violent message glorifying crime and gangsterism into every nook and cranny of the brains of the numb getting number by the day!
A gory Tamil Made in India movie poster glorifying violence
Maybe it is the norm for the suffering millions of India's cinema crazy masses to escape into a fictional couple of hours dreaming about the life of the mesmerizing Indian movie star weaving his magic on screen lulling them into forgetting the dreary existence that plagues many of them over there in Tamil Nadu or what? 

But to be bombarded non stop with non productive and mindless movies and television dramas plus soap operas is really something that Malaysians need not be forced to watch 24/7 over in ASTRO's many Indian Channels?

The Malay filmmakers don't want to be left out as well! This is a KL Gangster movie poster! 

Everyone seems to be going crazy nowadays! Its violence after violence! If not then it will be those idiotic horror movies! Sheeesh!!!

MICCAF says that we don't need to watch such horrifying movies! 

Read a report here calling for the banning of such violent Tamil movies!

Malaysian Indians deserve better! Ways to upgrade their life's and earn a better income through honest work instead of ending up in crime which almost always sees those engaged in such activities dead from being killed viciously by their kind or shot by the police!!!

See the report below and try to figure out the connection between such violence oriented imported Made in India Tamil movies and the end result of local Malaysian Indians chopped up to death and having their limbs severed and left to die by those whose hearts and minds have become numb and lost all human sense of compassion and mercies!

That's a dead Malaysian Indian convert to Islam ~ a victim of senseless murder case you can't figure out his ethnic origin? Rashid Abdullah, 31 years old, Security Officer.

Tens of thousands of Malaysian Indians who got involved in such illegal activities are today incarcerated in our nation's many prisons! Who can save them or prevent many others from ending up in the same miserable fate?
Do you think he's been watching too many Made in India Tamil movies? :P
As a multi-ethnic, multi-faithed melting pot of people from all walks of life, Malaysia has relatively been at peace and harmony all these years save for a few flare-ups in the past due to instigation's and incitement by the small number of sick and depraved ones in our local political slime pit who are obsessed with this or that screwed up personal or deranged group's political agenda!

We as Malaysians are comfortable with living in relative peace and harmony all these while without having to watch our fellow citizens getting chopped up with parangs and other vicious weapons which almost always are featured in most of those slash and cut Made In India movies!

We want to see our fellow Malaysians live as decent respectable human beings and not be gangsters or as scums of this earth!

We prefer to see our young Malaysians be more educated and successful in their life's! Not end up dead on our nation's streets and roads because they unfortunately tried to live up to their favorite Indian superstars style and fictitious movie characters?

In our local context, MICCAF is indefinitely saying that we need to produce local films and dramas that will coax and guide our young, impressionable youth to 'Cari Makan!' and not to 'Cari Pasal!'

Crime does not pay!

Human tendency to mimic whatever that they see and absorb from the movies transcends all cultures and nations. Its a global thingy!

India has not been producing family oriented movies lately save for some good box office family friendly blockbusters such as the Hindi smash hit' Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham' and the enjoyable '3 Idiots'.

Why are all these talented Malaysians not producing 'feel good movies' that will leave the cinemagoers feeling motivated and not scared shitless after sitting through watching such gory movies?

This might be one of the many reasons why the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee's classic black & white films continue to be enjoyed by all of us despite having seen them umpteenth times since we were all just kids?

Here's another golden clip from Seniman Bujang Lapok the movie:

We can all relate to this genuinely Malaysian scenario especially for those of us who once lived in our kampongs! :)

In case you wish to see the whole movie once more, then please click here! :D Enjoy with your whole family! No worries!

Back to our topic!

MICCAF are not dismissing off entirely all that the Made in India productions are churning off every now and then but just asking that their rights as local Malaysian Indian talents and being members of the Malaysian Indian Creative Industry be rightfully respected by folks such as ASTRO's Dr.Rajamani Chellamuthu and that they are given equal job opportunities and film or TV drama projects as agreed between the giant all monopolizing satellite television station and their counterparts in Media Prima with the Malaysian Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication!

That's all they are asking for?

Local Content for Malaysians by Local Creative Talents!

Surely that's not too much to ask, isn't it???

Here, check this out! One of my favorite videos!

Muniandy Chinnadorai and his 'Paatee!' :D

Can't get enough of this excellent Made in Malaysia videoclip!!! 5 stars!!!

Malaysians Rock!!!

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