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Friday, April 06, 2012

Wilbur Smith blasphemes against Islam in his latest novel!

Wilbur Smith
I have long been a fan of Wilbur Smith and just bought his latest novel ~ Those in Peril. I'm quite disappointed to see Wilbur screw up in depicting one of his novel's character - Rogier Marcel Moreau a.k.a. Adam Abdul Tippoo Tip whom he portrays as being a French Muslim masquerading as a Roman Catholic willing to go fornicate with Cayla Bannock, daughter of Hazel Bannock, the lead character ~oil baroness, wealthy widow, powerful connections with the White House, etc. 

No true God fearing Muslim will do what Wilbur depicts Rogier Marcel Moreau to be? Work as a steward at the bar, then go screw this Kaffir young lady, purify himself, spread out his prayer carpet and ask for Allah's forgiveness, bla bla bla, and repeat the same...

I know that Wilbur hates the Somalian pirates like hell as all of us do as well but to have him blaspheme against Islam as he does here in this novel just exposes that Wilbur Smith screwed up big time in this novel by failing to carry out his research about true Islamic principles before blabbering like a fool here in his latest effort!

I am pretty disappointed with this brilliant author for failing to take into account the feelings of his fans who are Muslims like me!

Those of you who aren't Muslims, please be advised that NO TRUE MUSLIM will do what Wilbur Smith portrays his characters in his novel as such two timing devils in disguise!

There is no room for such shenanigans in Islam. Those who do so are destined to end up straight in Hell.

Wilbur Smith, I just hope that you will have the decency to apologize to Muslims worldwide for what you have done?