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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dataran Merdeka ~ Sepak Raga Bulatan, Anyone?

An idea has popped up in my mind as to how to bring Malaysians together especially here in KL after the mess we all had to go through last month in the city due to the BERSIH 3.0 illegal protest and the way things turned out to be?

Now, how about those of us who really love our country and wish to mend those hearts and minds that might have been bruised and hurt by all the disruptive clashes between the opposition oriented protesters and the law enforcement agencies gather every Saturday at the Dataran Merdeka and play sepak raga bulatan together regardless of our ethnicity, faith or political leanings?
Yes! Just us Malaysians who want to spend some good sporting time together on the grounds of Dataran Merdeka @ the very Independence Square which was the very center of attention of the thousands and thousands of people that day!

Here's a video showing how it's played?

The game can be played by as few as 3 persons to as many as 50 or more but the circle will then be much more larger and the players will have to kick the rattan ball with much more force in order to send it to the others in the larger circle!

Each player should not have the ball to himself more than 3 kicks!

I propose we start playing around 3 pm onwards and for those of us who are Muslims can stop for the Asar prayers and perform our solats there at one corner of the field and rejoin our fellow Non Muslim Malaysians after that for a memorable afternoon.
No politics! No religious or ethnic differences. Just enjoy an afternoon of pure traditional Malaysian sport which can be enjoyed by all, young and old! I have a sepak raga ball which I had bought from the handicraft stall besides the historical Stadhuys Building during a trip to Melaka before.

We can buy many more such rattan balls. Doesn't cost that much. Bring our own drinks. Not much is needed besides the normal sporting attire such as track pants, t-shirt, suitable sport shoes and maybe a towel to be tied around our head. 

We can just play right up to 6pm or before maghrib. We can then bid each other goodbye and return next week for another enjoyable true blue Malaysian sport at not much costs or effort! A good day out for the whole family.

Anyone interested to join me and maybe others who might want to be at Dataran Merdeka for such a damn good reason? We would get to enjoy each other's company and bring alive a traditional sport that might just be the unifying force this nation needs?
Hey! We may even get some of those tourists visiting our famous Dataran Merdeka to join us in our game?

Let's not fall prey to the machinations of those who would love to see us kick each other to death and destruction!

Let's go kick sepak raga instead and forge a better tomorrow for all Malaysians together!
We can! If we really want it?

Jom! Sepak Raga!

You can email me at mahaguru58 @ gmail dotcom or just leave your comments here if you are interested to join?

We can start playing in June. The coming Saturday's are already full up with events in my calendar. :)

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