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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jalan Pasar Pudu Chinese Temple ~ Mahaguru58's Photography

I started with taking photos of the Chinese temple at Jalan Pudu just at the end of the Pasar Pudu wet market. Adjacent to the hobby fish stalls.

Looks like some sort of a deity figurine, complete with a roof over its head!

I noticed that the artwork on the temple roof was not as intricate and detailed as what I have seen in photos of some of the temples in China. Maybe they didn't engage the skilled artisans from there and relied on local craftsmen?

This seems to be a very amateurish attempt on producing a relief of a tiger. Seems like what schoolkids would come up with? Looks more like a tabby cat!

I can't figure out what kind of animal this image is supposed to be? Any ideas?
This is supposed to be a fish, right? Looks like the type that lives in the deepest part of the oceans.

This could be a dog? Looks like one but with huge eyes...

The proverbial Chinese dragon. This one seems to be pretty slim. 

What would a Chinese temple be if it does not have a Phoenix? This one is quite colorful!

I like this shot! Swirls and swirls of burning joss sticks! The Chinese are very creative and inventive! I don't think other cultures have these kind of joss sticks!
And here is the final shot I am sharing here with you on this subject. Will be sharing more of my street photography showing the Pasar Pudu traders in the following article.
There are lots of interesting places around KL where interested photographers can go around and capture such scenes to be shared with their viewers.

I for one am very grateful to Allah the Almighty for having blessed me with the needed equipment and tools to do just that.

Let's preserve these photos for the sake of future generations so that they can also have a peek into how things were for us here during our time on Earth especially in our beloved beautiful multi cultural country, Malaysia!

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