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Friday, July 06, 2012

Bukit Koman Cyanide Poisoning! Pahang MB! Please take action!!!

It seems that Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd company is making tonnes of money by mining gold here in Raub, Pahang and they don't give a rat's ass as to the pollution, ecological and environment destruction not forgetting the tremendous toll it is taking on the health and lives of the people living there at Bukit Koman itself where Dato Seri Adnan Hj Yaakob is also the village headman!!!

I know that mining gold is very, very lucrative and really enriching for those who own the mines over there in Raub and other places but surely one should go about mining it using less poisonous measures?
Don't these filthy rich mine owners give a damn about the residents living and now dying around their mines?

This is really sick!

What the hell is happening in Pahang?

We are all witnessing the hills and forests of Peninsular Malaysia especially here in Pahang getting deforested by the day and as I often travel to my wife's hometown at Kuantan, I see tracts of dusty bald lands where trees once stood along the East Coast Highway!

That really pisses me off!

I longed for the greenery of our country when I was performing my Hajj last year in the desert nation of Saudi Arabia where there are only dull grey mountains and scorching sands of the deserts!

Here, we are witnessing the gradual destruction of our country's green forests and now cyanide poisoning taking place in Raub, Pahang!!!

What other calamities does the Pahang Menteri Besar want to allow to take place here in this precious state?

Lynas is already a sore point for many of us who ask why the hell are the Australians not building such a plant in their enormous landed continent and take the trouble to come build their rare earth processing plant over here at Gebeng, Kuantan?

For those who have yet to visit the East coast of the Malaysian Peninsular, please do so and learn to appreciate the remaining unpolluted beaches and fresh countryside before it all disappears due to the greed of our country's politicians who'd sell their own mothers so to speak as long as their bank accounts get flushed with cash!!!

Stop the killing of our people there in Bukit Koman through the willful CYANIDE POISONING!!!!

Current owner of the goldmine in Raub, Dato Seri Andrew T.Y.Kam, Chairman of the Peninsular Gold Limited ought to weigh the consequences of continuing his company's usage of Cyanide upon the lives of the villagers there?
Dato Seri Adnan Yaacob listening to Selinsing Gold Mine Sdn Bhd President Robert Fredrick Baldock on the operations of his gold processing mine.

How many more people need to die Dato Seri before you take positive steps to regulate the mining operations and see to it that no more cyanide poisoning takes place there in your home state?

I really hope you won't go doing this as a response to the questions here?
That dear sir would really be uncalled for! I as well as many other concerned nation loving Malaysians would be really not happy anymore!

We all live a temporal life here on Earth Dato Seri and Allahu Ta'ala has entrusted us with taking care of the Earth and its inhabitants both comprising our fellow mankind and other living creatures.

Don't tell me that you don't give a rat's ass about that?

Please Dato Seri. Take care of Pahang Darul Makmur before it gets too sick and devastated just as the now, desolate barren hills of the Lojing Highlands over there up north of your state in Kelantan Darul Naim!

Just a reminder Dato Seri. I love Pahang as it is now part of my life as well. I plan to retire and live there in the near future, away from the madness of this city life here in KL.

Hope that you have it in you to listen to our pleas.

Insya Allah!