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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrity Stupidity! Their own words or of the media?

When I read the news published by Kosmo today about national songstress Siti Nurhaliza asking her fans to accept the way she appears without the proper hijab because she's not ready yet to adhere to the code of modesty ascribed in our faith of Al-Islam, I couldn't help but wonder as to whether it is really her own words exposing her stupidity with regard to the commandments of Allahu Ta'ala concerning how men and women of faith should appear thereof or that conjured up by the news media? 

Siti Nurhaliza is one fine singer and we all love listening to her songs where she delivers them with much finesse and is a singer gifted by Ar Rahman with a melodious voice that not many can out perform.
Yet time and times again, she gets into the news for the wrong reasons especially when she suffers certain bouts of the diarrhea of the lip so to speak!

Like this news stating that there has been online feuds concerning some of her fans who aren't that pleased with her appearance devoid of proper hijab and not in accordance to what most of her fans including yours truly wish to see her appear on tv and in her public performances, decent and properly attired as per the requirements of our Islamic Syariah.
She has also at times appeared with some weird wacky looking headgear such as the one appearing below! Looks like one of those kitchen utensils that are used to cover food on the table! Hehehehe.
You can check out other visuals of her here. Its not like she doesn't know that her appearing in such manners are wrong but as always with celebrity stupidity, they'll always come up with some cock and bull story to back themselves up saying they'll repent soon?

As if the Malaikatul Maut can be delayed or the impending appointment postponed indefinitely?

What would such celebs use as an excuse then when questioned by the angels of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

The Western world has often painted Islam as being oppressive of our womenfolk by our insistence that Mukminats cover themselves up properly and not be subjected to the disturbances that society often inflicts upon those who go about in public exposing their assets or beauty thereof?
Hence we need to correct such misconceptions and help explain why Allahu Rabbi commands us to cover ourselves up and only expose our decorations or assets to those who have rights over us in holy matrimony and even then only in the privacy of our own homes or where others can't see us in an exposed situation?

If there are amongst you who wonder why I am writing about a singer's erroneous ways, let me assure you that the main reason is I do not wish our impressionable youngsters of this country think that it's okay in Islam for any one who has reached the age of responsibility to delay adhering to the modesty code of Islam and give excuses such as the one Siti Nurhaliza is said to have given?

The following poster says it all as to why Islam asks its believing women to cover themselves modestly and preserve their God given dignity?
May our Muslimah, no matter who they are rise to the occasion and shine forth as the rightful heirs of Sayyidatuna Fatima Az Zahra and other luminaries of Islam who remain as our Deen's Icons of Virtue and the Queens of Allah's many Paradise's.