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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chua Jui Meng! What do you expect the PDRM to do?

Chua Jui Meng asks why the PDRM had to shoot to kill Khalil Afandi and put a stop to the rampage by the delusional blogger two days ago at the PM's Office complex?

If Chua Jui Meng is not a former minister of the Malaysian Federal Government, one can simply dismiss him off as another useless ingrate who now wants to make his voice heard albeit that it be likened to that of a braying donkey now that it has jumped pasture to the other side of the proverbial fence?

Its become sort of a trend amongst those who once kowtowed so low licking the hands and foot of their political masters when they were in the ruling BN Federal government to turn around and be like the sniping hounds of Baskerville once their high position and office is no longer in their grasp.
Life can be pretty mundane and burdensome for ex-BN ministers such as Chua Jui Meng when one is no longer being feted and accorded ministerial perks and privileges or given the due media attention so one has to come up with such diarrhea of the lip to be noticed!

Hence his asking such a stupid and ridiculous question.


The PM's Office Complex is not the local Mamak bistro for any Tom, Dick or Harry to go run riot as he or she damn well pleases?
Its a high security government office complex in case you forgot? There are strict rules and regulations enforced in the perimeters and vicinity of our government administrative capital of Putrajaya.

If you try anything funny like what the rampaging intruder did day before yesterday, chances are that you will be sent home in a body bag.
Please do not prove to Malaysia that you are one 'has been' who deserves no more place or position in the running of this country with any more such asinine comments or remarks.

Your time under the Malaysian political sun has long been past, Mr.Chua. Do enjoy your retirement and refrain from putting your foot where your mouth is.

People are already conferring insulting titles upon you now because you have not learned to shut the hell up and mind your own goddamn business!

Be a good old man and fade away like you should.

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