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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Karpal's Compromising on Hudud? No way Nasruddin Tantawi!

I would like to refer to the news report by NST online where it published a report stating an irate DAP Chairman Karpal Singh lambasting PAS Youth Head Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi's claim that he @ Karpal Singh has compromised against his stand against the implementation of the Islamic Syariah Hudud Laws during the recent Opposition Convention held in Penang!

As far as I know, Karpal Singh has not flip flopped on his opposing the Hudud laws for that has been his stand all these while. Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi in an attempt to appease the PAS supporters attending the recent debate between himself and UMNO Young Ulama's Chief Ustaz Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya said so claiming that Karpal has finally been willing to discuss further with PAS on the Hudud issue!
UMNO Young Ulama Chief
Ustaz Fathul Bari Dato Mat Jahaya
When NST contacted Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi to confirm his having claimed so, the newspaper reports that Nasruddin claimed not to have done so!

In these times and age when we have such debates uploaded onto You Tube immediately after for the general public to view, you can't easily get away with saying no you didn't say so, brother!

Here's a segment of the debate where at minute 11.30 of this 15.33 length Sinar Harian organised debate njoiawani uploaded video, every seeing eye and hearing ear can listen and watch Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi saying the very thing Karpal is so pissed off about! And you call yourself the PAS Youth Chief? 

You can't lie so blatantly and expect us to just blindly accept your lying words, bro! It's the age of the internet and social media now. Each and every truth will be exposed no matter how hard one tries to pull a fast one on the ever vigilant public!

What kind of an up and coming 'Islamic' party youth chief lies so blatantly and claims that the obstinate anti-Hudud DAP Chairman has finally relented and giving way to 'discussions' with PAS on implementing the Hudud here in Malaysia? 

Obviously not someone we can trust, right?

I am not in support of Karpal for his recalcitrance because obviously as a firm Disbeliever against Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, he is as Kaffir as he can be but then to have a so called future president of PAS try and hoodwink us all with such an obvious lie during a nationally televised debate through the web, is something that I can never accept as someone we can depend on in the future.

Once one is willing to lie openly like this and then claim that he did not say so destroys whatever little specks of integrity he or she possessed in the first place. 

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