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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Masjid China Klebang Kecil Melaka ~ Ground breaking ceremony

Syukur Alhamdulillah! At last, the much awaited Chinese Muslim Masjid that has been the dream of so many of our fellow Muslims from the Chinese community is finally coming to be realized.

I just received this email from Dato' (Dr.) Haji Mustapha Ma, the President of MACMA Malaysia.

Here are the contents of his email:

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

BismillahHirRahmanNirRahim.  Assalamu alaikum w.b.t.

Ramadhan Al-Karim & Mubarak.

Please join me to congratulate Brother Haji Mohd Mansor Yap, President
of PERTIM  Melaka concurrently Chairman of MACMA Melaka, Malaysia and
all Committee Members of PERTIM & MACMA Melaka.

Al-hamdullillah the historical and successful Ground Breaking Ceremony
for the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Masjid to be build on 5 acres of
re-claimed land (from the Straits of Melaka) generous donated by the
State Government of Melaka was performed by His Excellency the Right
Hon'ble Dato Seri Mohd Ali Rastam, the Chief Minister of Melaka this
morning, Friday, 30hb Sha'aban, 1433 bersamaan 20th July, 2012.

His Excellency Declared that this was the 188th Mosque to be built in
the State of Melaka.  The number is indeed auspicious especially to
the Malaysian Chinese -  It signifies Being the first, the Best and
doubly prosperous!  Indeed It will be the first building to be
constructed on the vast expanse of re-claimed land more than 4,000
acres todate.  The mosque will have a most distinguished patron as a
neighbour - the Melaka Islamic Religious Council.

Please see digifotos attached.

Salam berpuasa - Ramadhan Al-Karim & Mubarak!

[Dato' (Dr.) Haji Mustapha Ma] President MACMA Malaysia.
My request to His Excellency the Chief Minister of Malacca is to make sure that the masjid is completed accordingly as planned and is built according to the specifications. Please ensure that all the fittings and infrastructure are of the best standards and will last long. 

Please turn this masjid into one of our nation's top attractions. Insya Allah.

1 comment:

thrasher115 said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan Haji,kalau tak silap saya ni masjid Cina kedua di Malaysia selepas yang di kelantan kan atau yang ini 100% mengikut stail Masjid di Cina.Di sarawak ni sudah ada dibuat di Pusat Islam Sarawak,simpang tiga..bangunan yang menyerupai etnik etnik di Sarawak termasuk cina di Pusat Islam tersebut..dan uniknya setiap Jumaat khutbah akan bergilir gilir dalam bahasa Inggeris,Cina dan beberapa bahasa etnik di Sarawak..(sekadar berkongsi maklumat )