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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Police inspector Pistol Whipping Hotel Staff Video!

Have you seen the 'police inspector' pistol whipping two hotel workers CCTV video yet?

Well, it is now on You Tube. Take a look!

Whomsoever that psycho is, the PDRM must not treat his case as an officer who has gone off his rockers!

He must be made to pay the price for his vicious attack on the hotel workers and they must be paid compensation for their injuries and the criminal be caned appropriately so that he too feels the pain for having caused those two unfortunate hotel staff to suffer needlessly!

I call for the PDRM to evaluate its officers mental state of mind regularly and have them undergo psychiatric treatments if found to exhibit any such symptoms like being erratic or prone to losing their temper easily during their service.

Police work is getting to be more difficult due to the changing political climate and rising crime where they have to deal not only with vicious criminals out there but also intense pressure from the opposition parties hounding their every move and the incessant needling of the NGO's.

Sooner or later someone serving in the force is surely going to explode like what this inspector did?

Lucky for them that he didn't open fire at will and shoot them dead!

What was said to be the cause of his going crazy?

An ice cream bill?


We need to put a stop to all these insanity taking place amongst the members of the Royal Malaysian Police Force.

Could the muzzling of the police force by the incompetent guffawing Minister of Home Affairs be amongst the reasons why the officer went nuts?

I for one think there must be a link somewhere that's driving the police officers nuts!

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