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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aidil Fitri Theme ~ Suria KLCC's Glorious Kampong House!

I was at Suria KLCC yesterday and was quite impressed with their Aidilfitri theme decorations this year!

Right in the middle of the concourse was this glorious looking Malay kampong house complete with coconut palms and a garden to boot!

All I can say is 'Congratulations to Suria KLCC!' You guys really made this old man proud and happy!

Now, this is what we can call as a symbol of our country's heritage being showcased right there for all to see and appreciate.

I saw lots of people getting so excited in posing before the display and the tourists were going gaga as well and everyone was admiring the superb reproduction of a true blue Malay kampong house there in our nation's top tourist spot!

I shot these photos to share them with you and the whole wide world! Right click  the photos to open them up in a new window and view them better! Enjoy!

I came upon this mustached Suria KLCC guard and asked him to pose for a photo. I then asked him to lighten up and give us a smile! He complied and here it is!

Suria KLCC did a great job this year with their Aidilfitri decorations. Hopefully they will continue to keep up with such high standards and not play cheapskate like the 1Utama and Pavilion shopping malls.

Their Raya decorations suck big time! Have yet to stop over at Berjaya Times Square! Let's hope they don't disappoint us this year!


Unknown said...

nice photos.
but the object of the subject is merely a culture heritage of a malay race and its an interpolation of using the term of AidilFitri because its resemblances the religion of Islam, per se,SURIA KLCC should do it better to show off / enunciate the values of islam, such as :
-the oneness on Allah
-the virtues of fasting/ ramadhan from all the Semitic religion (Abrahimic/Moses/Jesus/Mohammed).
this is because we have a chinese and indian in our country, in a way, like an invitation into Islam. but SURIA KLCC is not Pusat Dakwah.
Malays are too much in deep of prostituting islam in their's culture.

Anyway sheikh, nice pictures.
Salam from Abu Djihad
Kingdom of bahrain

MAHAGURU58 said...

Abu Djihad,
You fail to realize the context of my article. I was glad that Suria KLCC did not skimp on the budget to showcase our Malay cultural heritage with their decorative theme for this year's Aidilfitri.

You should not belittle our country's traditions and culture just because you are living over there in Bahrain.

Why should you use such derogatory terms in speaking about the Malay's way of life according to the dictates of Islam?

Each country has its own way of living according to Ad Deenul Islam.

Islam is all encompassing. We must not narrow it down to just living life aping Arabian or Middle Eastern culture.

Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam did not impose upon the Muslims of this world to live as Arabs.

For you to use the term 'prostituting' Islam is wrong and you do need to apologize to the Muslims living here in Malaysia.

Its one thing not to appreciate one's heritage and culture but its really despicable for a Malaysian to ill speak of his own nation's heritage or way of life.

You yourself know that what I highlighted has nothing to do with Dakwah or need to bring in the Chinese or Indians into the picture.

I published your comment just to be able to correct you here.

Hope you will realize your folly here bro.