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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Honest Muslim NYC Yellow Cabbie makes us proud!

A New York City Muslim Yellow Cab driver surrendered a bag belonging to one of his passengers to the NYPD!

He didn't think twice about doing so because that's what Islam teaches him to do when concerning property belonging to others.

The grateful passenger happens to be an American film director, producer and creator who is also a photographer! Casey was so relieved to learn of this cab driver's honesty when the police contacted him to ask him to come and collect his bag.
The bag contained his clothes and photographic gear worth USD$13,238.86! In these days and times, such honesty is quite rare and to learn of this good news just makes me glad.
Casey Neistat
Here's a video created by the grateful Casey Neistat who was just so happy to reward Mohammed the honest NYC Yellow Cab driver USD$500 in cash! 

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Honesty is and always has been the best policy! 

If only our politicians can put that to practice?

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pB said...

kalau lah semua orang Islam , punyai perangai yang begini .....