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Friday, August 10, 2012

SeBangsa! SeNegara! SeJiwa! Really???

Quite a theme I must say! SeBangsa means 1 race! One needs to be having genes comprising of all 3 major ethnicity here in Malaysia. Maybe a Malay married to a Chindian! That would give us a true blue 1Malaysia type of ethnicity.

SeNegara is easily achievable. We who are true Malaysians love our country to the max. Save for those who have no second thoughts about leaving the Malay peninsular or Sabah and Sarawak in search of a new life. I for one say good riddance to such kind. True Malaysians will only feel at home here in our multi-ethnic, multi-faithed, multi-cultured country.

SeJiwa is open to interpretation. We have all kinds of weirdos in our nation of give or take 28 million souls and counting. Different people have different values and principles. Some are quite liberal I must say and they tend to morph into their surroundings just like a chameleon.

They will sing praises of the particular community they are spending some time with and raise up all kinds of hopes with their sugarcoated glib tongues. 

Its all a matter of knowing what to say in order to sway public opinion and raise up hopes higher than even Mount Everest but when the going gets tough, squirrel one self away to safety. Only to pop up someday, somewhere else and spew forth more false promises! :)

The poor Indians of now gone Kg Buah Pala, Bukit Gelugor, Penang will surely remember how the politicians came promising them this and that only to see them disappear once the bulldozers came in? 

The Deputy Chief Minister Prof.Ramasamy promised them that their village will remain their's and spoke as if he could save the Indian villagers homes from being obliterated!

One very prominent legal eagle even promised them that the developers will have to dig his grave there before one single affected house got demolished! Its all history now, my friends! Words! Come cheap! Yet the costs for the affected people is quite high! 

One Indian villager had even doused herself with kerosene in an attempt to torch herself rather than see her home smashed! 

All the above evidences are proof of how glib tongued politicians can be when it comes to issuing empty promises that disappear just like the dew on the grass tips when the heat is on!

Yet, they have the gall to claim that their's is the Pakatan Rakyat ~ People's Pact!

Its totally a marriage of convenience but each party has its own agenda which runs contrary to each other. How the hell can anything positive come from such a weird pact? Hence the above cartoon is so appropriate and delivers the true message behind such a devilish pact!

Heading over to Sabah.

That joker over there who quit all his deputy ministerial and official posts anticipating a cushy new seat in the Chief Minister's office is surely in for a shocker come the results of the next 13th Malaysian GE!

In the meantime, we will be entertained to more promising acts by the holy ones issuing fire and brimstone warnings of the impending Armageddon that will befall those who do not cross their voting slips favoring the hallowed ones! 

Shiver me timbers! That sure will rock the spines of ill informed ones who wanna get on the fast track to their promised heavens! 

Some fly by night lame brained has been's in the Malaysian entertainment industry have swallowed hook, line and sinker the sweet promises of eternal paradise thrown in plus a handful of ringgits collected without fail from the hordes of unsuspecting paradise seekers who gather for the feast of ear candy broadcasted by the stage loving 'holier than thou' soothsayers!

Many imagine themselves to be God sent to us and build up dreams of occupying Putrajaya, the administrative center of this country's ruling federal government. 
Self deluding narcissists picture themselves as being the next set of Prime Minister material and government ministers with each promising one thing to the other but who as the cartoon clearly depicts will waste not a second in plunging their blade deep in the other's unsuspecting back the moment they ~ God Forbid!~ get their ugly butts into power!

That my dear fellow rational Malaysians would be our nation's undoing and rend asunder all that the founding fathers of this country had struggled to put together and which we have achieved changing our country's past into such a brilliant vibrating future!

I say, let's all be wiser and make sure none of these shysters get voted again into power no matter it be at the state or federal levels!

Be smart and not get suckered again!

Let's help save Malaysia from the desperadoes who'd waste no time selling us out once they get in. You sure you want to have these types ruling over us?



Shoetight said...

As slm sir
I've been reading your blog for quite sometime and i must tell that i love reading them and i am of the same opinion as you in most of the issues.

However in terms of malaysian politics, especially where islam is concerned, i found your articles seem a little bit biased and prejudiced in some sense.Im not questioning your powers of observation, as im sure you are a man of thoroughness.But the opinions you potray are what the mainstream media are spinning day in and day out regarding the opposition.And sometimes i must say they are not that accurate.

Im not a fanatic myself.Im just saying, for instance, in upholding hudud,Pas, one party that still hasn't abandoned their mission to implement hudud regardless what the media tells.Ofcourse it wont be that easy and there will be stumbling stones here and there but atleast they stil have the intention to.They are even planning to have talks to educate their counterparts in Dap regarding this.

Unlike Mca who we all know its president has made derogatory comments regarding the law of God countless of times and the Malay party didnt even say a word about it.The Malay party dont have the intention to implement the law of God in this country,at all.

You may not agree with me and i respect that.But im just suggesting for you sir to read the opposition news as well just to get a different sides of story.

Keep on writing and God bless.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Dear Shoetight,

Frankly speaking my friend, I do not dismiss off PAS just like that. In fact I look forward to the day that they have the guts and determination to stand on their own and provide for us an alternative leadership to the current one.

The problem is in their recalcitrant manner by which they do not engage in constructive dialogue with UMNO where if they really wished to, they can point out to their opposing fellow Muslims as to where they differ in terms of bringing about a true Islamic way of governance and administration of this country.

You can't expect the DAP to understand what Islam is all about as most of them they are Kaffirs. Only lately we read of some disgruntled Malays who didn't get their way in UMNO joining the leading opposition party in the loose Opposition Pact.

I do read what the Opposition publish and keep abreast to all that's taking place. I just do not have to publish online as to what I read or what I don't, do I?

You seem to have failed to take notice that I have been lambasting the current UMNO leadership plus the ignorant and anti-Islam adulterous MCA President all these while here in my blog!

As a result, I was forced to quit my post as a Communications Director in one of the web tv stations I joined last year.

As a Muslim blogger, I stick to my principles of sticking to the truth no matter what although it costs me financially.

I am not the typical pro government blogger or leaning to the opposition. I blog for the sake of Allah Azza Wa Jalla and He knows me best.

I am all for Muslim unity and to the day that I shall die, I will never change this stand because I swore before Allah to do just that.

There are those amongst the top leadership of both the government and opposition who know my principles and whenever we do get to meet in person, exchange news and views with me but I keep their trust and do not blog about it.

There are many things I do not disclose openly because amanah is a trait that Muslims are enjoined to keep.

Its nice to receive constructive criticisms as I abhor nonsensical rants and raves from those who do not have it in them to be courteous or decent when giving their feedback or views.

Thank you.